Core Units

Dai Foundation The Dai Foundation Core Unit is responsible for ensuring that MakerDAO intangible assets, such as trademarks, copyrights and digital accounts are safeguarded while also being available to the community. See their mandate here . Growth The Growth Core Unit aims to grow the available distribution channels for the Maker protocol by intelligently deploying the human and financial capital given by the DAO, increasing the supply and demand of Dai in the global markets. See their mandate here. Oracles The Oracles Core Unit is responsible for developing and administrating the Oracle Protocol. See their mandate here. Strategic Happiness The Strategic Happiness Core Unit is responsible for promoting community engagement and the Maker brand by strategically spreading happiness and positive vibes throughout the Maker Community via memes, shitposts, and Happiness Airdrops. See their mandate here. Collateral Engineering Services The Collateral Engineering Services Core Unit is responsible for operationalizing collateral management within the Maker Protocol. See their mandate here. Governance Communications The Governance Communications Core Unit is responsible for facilitation of communication within governance, and between governance and external actors. See their mandate here. Protocol Engineering The Protocol Engineering Core Unit is responsible for extending the functionality of the Maker protocol, assisting with the maintenance and operation of existing smart contracts, and ensuring the safety and correctness of protocol design and implementation. See their mandate here. Real World Finance The Real World Finance Core Unit is responsible for bringing real-world finance concepts to MakerDAO. See their mandate here. Development & UX The Development and UX Core Unit is responsible for improving and maintaining the governance user experience for the Maker protocol. See their mandate here. Core Unit Meetings StarkNet Engineering The StarkNet Engineering Core Unit’s (SECU) primary responsibility is to build a bridge and a selection of Maker functionalities onto StarkNet. See their mandate here. Risk The Risk Core Unit’s responsibility is to ensure Maker Protocol’s risk profile is mitigated at all times and includes but not limited to calculations and proposed adjustments of following parameters or risk metrics of crypto collateral debt exposure. See their mandate here. GovAlpha The Governance (GovAlpha) Core Unit is responsible for facilitation of governance, effectiveness of governance, and communication and moderation while maintaining neutrality. See their mandate here. Sustainable Ecosystem Scaling The Sustainable Ecosystem Core Unit is responsible for incubation of new core units, researching scaling bottlenecks and sponsoring contributors and ideas to promote scaling and innovation within MakerDAO. See their mandate here. Content Production The Content Production Core Unit is responsible for creating, and supporting the creation of written, audio, and visual content that educates audiences on MakerDAO, promotes the work and culture of the ecosystem, and encourages people to use Dai and the Maker Protocol. See their mandate here.
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