15-Minutes of MakerDAO Beauty—Side Event Paris ETHCC 2021

Just posted on the Flip Flop Flap Delegate YouTube channel the first 15-minutes of the Maker Mafia Side Event discussion with @Maria_Magenes, @Derek, @aburban90, @nanexcool, @sorenpeter, @Nadia and @Lenkla. I’m not the best cameraman, so forgive me for the poor camera angles.

Nevertheless it was a good introduction and discussion—check it out:


I love this team, without a doubt the MakerMafia my dude. :wink:


Awesome thanks!!


It’s great to see the Maker Mafia in action,all good vibes :raised_hands:

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@ElProgreso :heartpulse: :heartpulse: :heartpulse: :heartpulse:

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I really enjoyed that. Is the full panel available anywhere?

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@Lenkla might have the full panel discussion, including the introductions by Juan, Kat O., and others of their respective Core Units.


Yes, I should have the audio! LM share with you @ElProgreso .
Also, brace yourself for Maker Mafia :rose: POAPs for those who attended (I’m at the last mile of sending out claim links to the attendees).
Equally, DAOist talk by me + panel with @juan should be avail shortly (again it’s audio added to slides style).
Now that I’m at it, let me share the ETHCC links for @Nadia 's & @Gustav_Arentoft 's talks:
Nadia Nadia Alvarez From the Foundation to Decentralization - YouTube
Gustav Gustav Arentoft : The first venture into RWA for DeFi - YouTube