2020 Year End Schedule

This is a living post to communicate timelines until the end of the year. We have a limited number of executives before year end and there is a healthy backlog of work. Consider this a tentative end-of-year schedule. It’s very aggressive, which means that for anything on this list, if it doesn’t work out flawlessly, we are moving on. Please think of this schedule as the best-case of what might happen, and consider it likely to change.


2020-11-20: Just configuration changes
2020-11-27: ETH-A DC increase
2020-12-02: DsChief 1.2 executive (rescheduled)
2020-12-11: MIP27 (DC-IAM), UNI, RenBTC
2020-12-18: MIP21 (RWA), AAVE, UNI-V2-DAI-ETH, MIP29 (PSM)

Possible Changes to the Schedule

  • MIP22 is making a strong effort to hit code complete by the 4th, so they can make it in by the 18th.

Edit Log

  • Added PSM to the 18th as governance signaled for it
  • Removed MIP25 (Flash Mint). We decided not to unveil a DeFi Hydrogen bomb right before the holidays. This was bumped for the PSM.
  • Removed UNI-V2-USDC-ETH, UNI-V2-WBTC-ETH from the 18th. We are just going to do one LP token in this executive.
  • Updated schedule for DSChief executive delay
  • Added note about MIP22
  • Removed PAXG, we will put this off until 2021.
  • Risk team need more time with tBTC, so we are dropping that from the schedule for the end of the year. But we’ll get back to it in 2021.

So is MIP27 actually being implemented on the 11th? Have you finalized the parameters or am I jumping the gun on those details?


Is this one for sure at this point?

We believe Centrifuge’s MIP22 and the first collateral type using it should be ready sometime in this time frame. Could we discuss adding this to the schedule?

We just have the mandated actor meeting, and all the domain teams are flat out until the end of the year right now; however, for smart contracts it would be helpful to put together the deploy spell for MIP22. MIP21 should come with some tests that we can also port over to MIP22. At least for our part, if this work is done ahead of time, it makes assessment and implementation easy. Oracles and risk would still have to weigh in, but I would imagine it could happen in the first week or two of January 2021.

Sorry for the delay. The DsChief 1.2 upgrade really threw off the SC domain team schedule.

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It seems like Risk hasn’t weighed in on any MIP22 or MIP21 assets so far (at least not publicly). I believe both should arrive at the same time. It seems these should both be ready at the same time?

What can Centrifuge do to besides doing an audit, writing the spell and delivering it with test cases to accelerate this?


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