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im just looking for more information about why Oasis.app is blocked in Libya, tried to look in few places but i couldn’t find anything useful,

also what dangers do i face if bypassed that block and used the app anyway,

Search ‘libya’.

Maybe someone from Foundation can provide more information how such list is constructed.
I will assume any country that explicitly makes crypto illegal - gets on the list.
Probably countries that United States puts on various lists (like financing terrorism) are also on the list…

-altho Libyan central bank warns about bitcoin and cryptocurrency from time to time, but it’s not something illegal .

-https://www.state.gov/state-sponsors-of-terrorism/ , Libya is not in the list as well.

i had same doubts as you had but after searching furthermore i had those results and right now im still confused whats wrong .

Hey @trOyYey

As @jernejml pointed out, you’ll see that there is a full list of countries within the Terms of Service (oasis.app/terms) where this app is not supported, including Libya. This is due to sanction lists at the state and interstate governmental level, as those sanctions apply at the whole state level and lower in a substantial way. Given the nature of the protocol being permissionless and trustless, the list has been established to ensure compliance with international requirements.

We understand that this isn’t great news for users in these countries, but an emphasis must be placed on ensuring operation of the app for the broadest base of users and without government intervention.

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