A few questions from a newbie

Hi, I’m new to Maker and am trying to understand this fascinating platform. Would be great to get the community’s help to answer some questions I have:

  1. Since the Dai I mint when opening a vault is my principal (and assuming I was just holding the Dai), is my assumption correct that I need to buy the Dai to pay the stability fees from the market? Does this put Dai price at risk (since everyone is chasing the same Dai available) during market dislocations or large-scale redemptions? Does PSM solve for this effectively?

  2. On Coinmarketcap, I see a ~$2.6bn increase in Dai supply on Dec 13. Is that an error in their data or due to some event?

  3. Where can I find information on price oracles used for valuing Real World Assets in Maker Vaults?

Thank you!


On this site you can see the issue of collaterals and oracles.

Thank you!

Hi @paritosh and welcome to the Maker forum.

  1. Yes you need Dai from the market but remember that not everyone is “holding” their Dai, Dai is used in tons of dApps and even centralized ones like exchanges, so depending on the market supply there is no risk.

  2. Yes, Coinmarketcap had an issue showing Dai cap., we move to solve it and that’s why the spike, as Diego said, always check daistats.com.

  3. For this I summon @Real-World-Finance who can give you a better info.

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Thank you Luis!

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