A Maker Community 2020 Summary

Reposting this crazy Maker 2020 Highlights Twitter thread here (keep in mind this was intended for those who haven’t been following Maker closely)

Resilience is the word of the year.

Always super impressed by the initiative and drive by this community. Wrapping up all the MakerDAO community activity from this year was tough, but get ready for an epic thread of 2020 highlights & what’s coming up for 2021:

:boom:Stats at a Glance

  • 1 Billion Dai :tada:
  • 55 Governance & Risk Calls, 44 Community Calls | Recorded Videos
  • Forum Activity was :fire:
  • 37.8K User Visits (+582% yoy)
  • 12K New Posts (+800%)
  • 1.2K New Topics Created (+498%)
  • Awarded $430,470 to 20 Grants

:hammer_and_wrench: Protocol Developments

:balloon:Underrated Developments

:gem: Collateral

:balance_scale: Governance

:trophy: MakerDAO Teams

5 Domains:

  • Governance
  • Risk
  • Oracles
  • Smart Contracts
  • Operational Support * new *

While we said goodbye to a few people, MakerDAO welcomed 8 new Domain Facilitators & Contributors, bringing it up to 21 active domain team members (not including casual contributors)

:rainbow:Influx of Notable Community Working Groups

  • Real World Assets working group have been off to the races! Aimed to speed up implementation and insights on RWAs. RWA 2020 Wrap-up & RWA-2021 Video
  • Rates Setting: Group takes high-level governance directives (ie “set the stability fees on stablecoins to 0%”), risk premiums and competitive rates to produce a set of stability fees for each vault type.
  • Autonomous MakerDAO: focused on medium-term initiatives that further develop MakerDAO as an autonomous organization.

:books:Resources & Communications

  • Relaunched Community Development Portal: A community-generated resource to learn about all things MakerDAO and grow the community through programs, grants, meetups and other opportunities to contribute. (100% community built - design, content, dev, PM, illustrations by community members)
  • 26 Maker Relays summarizing weekly governance activity (now also available in Spanish!)

:star2:Other Fun Community Contributions

For more 2020 round ups, check out Foundation MakerDAO Year in Review

What’s coming up in 2021!

A lot gets done in a year, so keeping this short w/ governance discussed activity for Q1 & Q2 2021:

:loudspeaker: Other Interesting Community Led Discussions:

:old_key:Rounding out w/ some useful tools

  • 19 tools that may be useful for community members participating in governance (5 more coming in 2021)
  • Twitter bot for Dai activity: @MakerDaiBot
  • Governance Updates (Community run): @mkrgov

You made it!

Last but not least, @ElProgreso has been spitting some epic rhymes but this holiday special takes the cake. Closing out the year with some holiday cheer!

See you in the new year :slight_smile:


:hugs: You’re the best Amy! That GIF tho! priceless. :joy: It’s so awesome to be with a Community that has such good people!

2021 should be so much fun!

Happy New Year Fam! :man_dancing:t3: :dancer:t3:


Also the launch of the Latin America Category here on the forum :tada:

It’s being quite an amazing year (pandemic aside) for Maker and the community, let’s keep building a better DeFi world :earth_asia: :earth_americas: :earth_africa:


Happy new years :partying_face:

Can’t wait for this (next) year !


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