About the Collateral Onboarding App Category

Category Description

Contains the collateral applications that have been produced by collateral partners or other members of the community.

Introduction to the Collateral Onboarding App Category

This category is dedicated to the process of adding new collateral types to the Maker Protocol. Since Collateral onboarding is a core component of the Protocol, the Maker community requires a structured process for it to go smoothly and efficiently. This is why the Collateral Onboarding MIPs Set was created, to create and define an end-to-end framework for scalable collateral onboarding that interoperates with the community, Governance Cycle and the existing Domain Teams.

Collateral Onboarding MIPs Set Components

MIP6 (Collateral Onboarding Form/Forum Template): MIP6 defines a standardized application form used to kick off the process of onboarding a new collateral asset to the Maker Protocol.

MIP7 (Domain Teams for Collateral Onboarding): MIP7 defines processes for onboarding and offboarding domain teams.

MIP8 (Domain Greenlight): MIP8 defines the process by which domain teams signal that a potential collateral type is worth the time spent investigating its inclusion in the Maker Protocol.

MIP9 (Community Greenlight): MIP9 defines the process by which MKR Token Holders can signal their judgment on the value of a potential collateral type before domain teams spend time thoroughly investigating its inclusion into the Maker Protocol.

MIP10 (Oracle Requirements for Collateral Onboarding): MIP10 defines how oracles are onboarded, offboarded, and managed in order to support the collateral onboarding process.

MIP11 (Collateral Onboarding Risk Models): MIP11 defines the requirements of general risk models and how they are onboarded and offboarded from the Maker Protocol.

MIP12 (Collateral Onboarding and Risk Parameter Adjustment Process Documentation Requirements): MIP12 defines the domain team and documentation requirements for adding or changing collateral packages in the Maker Protocol.

Getting Started with Collateral Onboarding

In order to begin the collateral onboarding process, MIP6 was created to define a standardized application form used to kick off the process of onboarding a new collateral asset to the Maker Protocol.

Starting the Collateral Onboarding Process (as described in MIP6)

  1. Fill out the application form in as much detail as you’re willing.

    • Once filled out, the application must be published on the official MakerDAO forum and should be posted within the Collateral Onboarding App subcategory within the Maker Improvement Proposals category.
    • This post should have the collateral-app tag.
    • Note that an ‘interested party’ refers to anybody willing to act as a stakeholder for this onboarding process.
  2. After the submission on the forum, the community will likely have follow up questions. While not a requirement, answering questions about your project may help generate support or excitement for the proposed collateral type. Additionally, the interested party may organize an optional call to pitch their proposal as well as open up further discussion to the community.

  3. After two weeks of discussion have passed, and Domain Greenlight (MIP8) has been completed, the application is eligible to move to the Community Greenlight poll defined in MIP9.

  4. Once the application has been submitted to the forum, it is eligible for Domain Greenlight as defined in MIP8.

Video Demo:

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