About the Maker Improvement Proposals Category

The Maker Improvement Proposal Framework is a tool to provide a clear, transparent process that allows Maker governance to adapt and evolve the Protocol as needs and circumstances dictate far into the future.

MIPs are the preferred mechanism for improving Maker Governance and the Maker Protocol. Through an open and documented process, the goal is to collect as much community feedback as possible and reach the broadest possible consensus on how the Maker Protocol should evolve. A proposal clearly defines how and why Maker Governance or the Maker Protocol should be changed and ensures that the proposed improvement is introduced in a responsible way, respecting the highest quality, security and community standards. In most cases, MIPs will be arranged in sets (multiple MIPs that are interdependent but together solve a single problem, risk, or opportunity through one or more processes).

MIPs are critical to the evolution of the current Maker governance process and must, therefore, be rigidly structured and formalized to avoid any ambiguity. Providing the community with a standard approach to proposing improvements, specifications, and process and state changes enables organic growth that will bring MakerDAO closer to self-sustainability.


@scottrepreneur didn’t you go all over this already ???

No, this is for the new MIPs category.

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Yes but there is a lot of similarities with your side project. By that, i must clarify what i am saying and i will point out into this direction :

So again here, if i read your post, i can guess the subject but where is the base mechanics guidelines to start the engine ? Isn’t the goal of the new MIPs program proposal to do this actually ?

I haven’t assist to the video conference, but @Davidutro are doing great resume of everything.

Assuming i would have a #role here to play, witch is about the #governance and #Transparency i would add over the top with what just have happen recently to Vault Owner ( Not to talk about this but i think a lot here have clearly not understanding the #MakerDAO #Protocol and #Mechanics.)

I would highly encourage to change this, if you want my #site-feedback, i am more than happy to provide it.

There is way too much stuff that is unclear right now maybe we should stop to add to have solid #foundation

This is good #site-feedback so far i really do like the proposal and what around it. We don’t see much cooperation.