About the RFC subcategory

This subcategory is used to post and discuss MIPs in the Request for Comments stage of the MIP Lifecycle.

The Request for Comments (RFC) status is granted to a MIP when it has been formally approved by a MIP Editor. This phase is when a MIP goes through a formal review period, including feedback from the community, further drafting and additions. The timeline for the RFC phase is defined by its Feedback Period and Frozen Period. In order to move to the next phase, it needs to satisfy the transition criteria listed below:

  • MIP Author finalizes changes of the MIP, based on community feedback.
  • MIPs have a Feedback Period of 3 months. The RFC phase lasts at least 3 months before the MIP can move to the next phase (Note that the Feedback and Frozen period may be less if it qualifies to be included as part of one of the two MIP2 phases).
  • MIPs have a Frozen Period of 1 month. MIPs must not have had any changes for the last 1 month before they move to the next phase.