Add some clarity on Oasis 'Borrow' about the liquidation penalty

There were many complaints on Black Thursday that the UI did not clearly indicate the extent to which users Vault’s could be liquidated. Below is a simple proposal that is, while not perfect, a very easy addition to the UI to explain, in-context, how users can lose more than 13% from an underwater Vault.



I love this idea! However, the liquidation penalty is always 13% (when a vault is liquidated, 13% is added to the vault’s debt tab before it is sent to auction). I think rather than saying “13% is not guaranteed”, I’d prefer to show something like “vault owners may lose all collateral in event of liquidation” and then link to the docs or further explanation.

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Very nice idea, keep your good working !!!

Yes- this is absolutely essential. Fully support

Are there action items here that could push this initiative forward?

Not sure is the maker community has a clear path to request features be implemented on oasis. To my knowledge, there are not any MIPs that pertain to that site, and unsure if the signaling guidelines apply there either.

Does anyone have more insight into how the community or maker holders would be able to request such a change from the foundation?