Adding Content Production Multisig

Following our budget post, I’m submitting a multsig wallet to hold funds for the Content Production Core Unit.

Per MIP47c1:

Governance must be able to revoke funding and permissions from approved multi-sigs at any time.

You can check the spending limit section here. The DSPauseProxy contract is allowed up to 1B DAI.

Signatory requirements providing no less than ⅔ of listed signatories to sign off on an action.

It’s a 2 of 2 mult-sig currently, with @Seth and @JerryAG as keyholders. This post will be updated once we add another signatory.

All signers must be tagged on the forum and their willingness to be included in the Multi-Sig publicly confirmed.

@Seth, I confirm

@JerryAG, I confirm

A representative for the Multi-Sig must be designated as an official point of contact.


There must be a clear and public explanation of the purpose and scope of the Multi-Sig.

Holding funds for the Content Production Core Unit.

A clearly defined process for onboarding and offboarding signatories.

All Content Production Core Unit Facilitators will be onboarded as soon as they are ratified. Signatory requirements will also be upgraded to the next natural number that is equal to, or greater than 2/3 of participants. Same for the offboarding. When the last facilitator is offboarded, Governance should take back the remaining funds.

A wallet address to be whitelisted.



I’m seeing the wallet creation here but not the spending limit:


should be all setup, now!


@seth do you intend to use this multi-sig to hold Core Unit funds going forward? (Basically, should June’s distribution go to that address, or the one in your initial budget proposal?)

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Yes, please send June’s distribution (and any future distributions) to that address.

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