Adding Protocol Engineering Core Unit Multisig

Following the Protocol Engineering Core Unit Budget post here, I’m submitting the multsig wallet to be identified as owned by MakerDAO, specifically the DSPauseProxy contract which can withdraw funds at anytime. This wallet has already received 510k DAI from the DAO as part of the April 2021 Governance Cycle executive vote.

Per MIP40c1:

Multisig Address

Protocol Engineering Core Unit Multisig:


Multisig Purpose

Holding funds to pay for Protocol Engineering Core Unit monthly expenses; including salaries, audits and other team expenses as approved and accounted for by the Core Unit Facilitator.

Governance Ownership

Governance must be able to revoke funding and permissions from approved multi-sigs at any time - this can be verified by checking the spending limit section here while noting that the DSPauseProxy contract is allowed to withdraw all funds.

Multisig Signors

This multisig has 6 signors and requires at least 2 to release funds. The required threshold may be increased once we introduce automation. These signors are and will remain anonymous.

Point of Contact

As the Protocol Engineering Core Unit Facilitator, @Derek is the point of contact for this multisig.


If the current facilitator is removed from his/her position at any point, either by Governance or the Core Unit, a new sucessor will be onboarded and will replace his/her access to the multisig.


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