Additional forum subcategories and facilitating community participation


I have a suggestion to create some more forum subcategories. The reason for adding more subcategories is basically to facilitate more community participation on the most important subjects. Some of these discussions might already be ongoing in the rocket chat but in imo a chat thread is really very unstructured and it is more or less impossible to get an overview of what has been discussed. So maybe this is also a suggestion to move more of the subject specific discussions (i.e. not the #general discussions) onto the forum.

Apart from creating additional subcategories I think it would be beneficial to structure the discussion a bit in these subcategories with additional subcategories so that eventually the forum will get a tree like structure. In these subcategories it would be really nice if the community/foundation could establish a list of hurdles that needs to be overcome before a specific future feature can continue development/research. Obviously we should avoid turning this into some reporting burden. But some short descriptions only of the most important/interesting subjects where the community could contribute with knowledge (or maybe reach out to people they know are knowledgeable on a specific subject). At the moment it seems a bit difficult to get an overview of where it is the most beneficial to direct your time as a community member when you have an hour or two to spare :slight_smile:

For example I have a couple of topics that I find interesting and important which could maybe translate into the following subcategories.

Governance → Community engagement → Participation rewarding
thread 1: Is rewarding participation even possible without introducing attack vectors?
Governance → Automating SF/DSR changes
thread 1: A reliable DAIUSD price oracle
thread 2: Is automating changes even possible in MCD
Oracles → Oracle incentives → Decentralized oracle market
thread 1: Is it possible in a truly decentralized and secure manner
thread 2: Can we use external oracles as feeds

This is obviously just examples but hope that it illustrates where I am trying to get at. However discussions on community engagement seems pretty urgent imo.

Moved this to site feedback as I think it makes more sense in this category.

Definitely think that this is something we should try to address as much as possible. I’m not convinced categories are the right way to do this though.

My software dev background is showing through here, but in general when organising stuff it’s better to aim for composition rather than inheritance. Tags are the tool for this, and it resolves the problem of what to do when a particular topic impinges on multiple sub-categories. (As a crude example, what happens when we have a topic involving community engagement in the process of automating SF/DSR changes.)

That said, I’m not against some more ‘sublevel 1’ categories below governance and oracles. Both ‘Engagement’ and ‘Incentives’ might make sense under governance and oracles respectively.

At the moment there’s not a huge amount of tag moderation going on, but if people think this would be useful for discoverability, I can start tagging older topics as appropriate.

I really like this idea, but I’d love it in the form of a pinned index topic rather than split across the forum. It would be wonderful to be able to go to one place and find out the current state of the various mentioned initiatives across governance.

This. It’s inevitable conclusion if you ever worked on a larger project.

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In any case, you cannot prevent management. Somebody needs prevent adding too many new tags, needs to delete the ones that are not used, etc. It’s still easier than rearranging hierarchies.

For example, tag “sleuth-herders” probably won’t be used again in the near feature/ever?
And you could just search the word, there won’t be many hits… I would delete such tag.

Using tags sounds good.

So I’ve started tagging everything. Unfortunately I ran into the discourse 24 hour edit limit. So I’ll have to continue tomorrow/once that’s resolved.

Once I’ve finished I’ll make an index post listing the tags and explaining what they’re used for. Potentially this post could be a good sticky to help people find what they are looking for.

EDIT: Looks like this has screwed up the ‘latest’ feed for topics with only a single OP. Sorry all.

  • what are permissions for creating/deleting tags?
  • tag is not something permanent then, right? You are not suppose to complain if admin has deleted/renamed/consolidated your tag? Basically, I don’t own tags of my topic

Anyone can create tags and add them to a topic they create. Users at trust level 3 can rename/retag/recategorise topics. See here for details:

So yes, potentially someone can change the tags on your topic. You should complain if you feel that something has been changed to your detriment. I’ve mostly been adding and coalescing tags to make things more discoverable. If you or anyone else has objections in specific cases, let me know.

Makes sense to me. Tnx for info.

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I just posted a new thread about having a thread JUST for welcoming new users here.

When considering any proposal I ask two questions:

  1. What is/are the goal/s.
  2. What measurements are to be used to measure achievement of the goal/s.

I do think having well delinated discussion sections is important and wonder if there are multiple means to communicate (rocketchat, forum, and whatever else I don’t know about) I think this would be info to put in a welcome new user thread/post.

I keep thinking that ‘increased participation’ might be seen as a good goal, but then what happens if quality of posts decrease?