[Agenda/Discussion] Scientific Governance and Risk #109 - Thursday, September 10 16:00 UTC


The zoom waiting room will be on, and a password is set to: 748478, please ping us in chat if you aren’t let in from the waiting room. This Agenda will be updated over the following week leading up to the call as people make me aware they want segments.



Domain Updates


Other Updates and Presentations

Discussion Topics

  • @Primoz Discussion over intention behind ETH-B
  • Centrifuge, Real World Assets and the Domain Teams
  • Continued Peg Deviation

General Q&A

We’ll open the floor for any questions about Scientific Governance and Risk.

Please join us and help shape the future of the MakerDAO.


Call Summary

Will be provided here after the call as time allows.

I have a question for the QA:

The projects already greenlit by the community are stacking up, just look at the top of this list Collateral Status Index

So I have some questions:

  1. What is holding up the onboarding process? Any specific bottleneck?
  2. What can we in the community do to help?

The community has received a well worded and thoughtful declaration MIP13c3-SP5: Declaration of Intent: Maker to commence onboarding work of Centrifuge based Collateral

Is it possible for the domain teams to briefly state the situation with regards to the Centrifuge onboarding? It is after all a first-in-crypto event.

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I will be attending the call and am happy to discuss this topic. I’ve also given a bit of an explanation of our idea for how to proceed with these assets in the general Centrifuge assets thread covering both MIP22 and MIP13c3-SP5:

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