[Agenda/Discussion] Scientific Governance and Risk #115 - Thursday, October 22 16:00 UTC


The zoom waiting room will be on, and a password is set to: 748478, please ping us in chat if you aren’t let in from the waiting room. This Agenda will be updated over the following week leading up to the call as people make me aware they want segments.



Weekly Updates



Discussion Topics

  • Stablecoins and managing demand.

Other Business

  • General Q&A
  • Final Reminders

Call Summary

Will be provided here after the call as time allows.

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G&R #115 Snippet

Welcome back to snippets, an experiment we’re running to help improve governance communication. We’re posting a high-level overview of the Governance and Risk call ahead of the high fidelity call summary very week.

Team Updates

Smart Contracts

  • The smart contracts team reviewed MIP 22: Centrifuge Direct Liquidation Module.
  • Last week the team worked on the ETH-B executive.
  • YFI onto kovan this/next week, YFI and BAL going into executive next week.
  • Began discussions with auditors for Liquidations 2.0.


  • Oracle polls for whitelisting B.Protocol (MIP10c9-SP12 and MIP10c9-SP13) passed and will be in executive upcoming week.


Operations and Community Development

  • DAI-rectory initiative in the works to bring awareness to merchants accepting DAI.
  • LATAM action group formed an ambassador group to bring awareness in Latin America.
  • Proof of attendance NFTs (POAPs) for community member participation in the works.
  • Onboarded another Grantee - Valente POS, a point of sales system that makes it easy for merchants to generate tax compliant invoices (particularly AFIP (Argentine IRS))

Collateral Onboarding


  • Monthly MIPs Governance Poll that included 8 proposals passed and Executive Vote will be published on Monday October 26.
  • Tentative Executive Vote to add YFI and BAL to the protocol scheduled for next Friday.
  • Community Greenlight polls are live for another week, go vote, it’s easier now.

Other Presentations and Updates


  • DAI price fluctuating around $1.01, like the past month or so, there is lots of discussions around how comfortable everyone is with that price off peg.
  • The DAI supply rises to around 930 million.
  • New vaults risk stats for other collateral types on the way. You can see in that data that there is a trend for two large vaults in many other collaterals.

Really looking forward to systems like valente pos integrating dai into their systems, have known about them just a few months ago and I’m glad that we are “crossing boundaries” to real world implementations. @ElProgreso seems that people will be able to buy a coffee with dai in buenos aires sooner than expected :grinning:

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You’re right! Can’t wait to see that happen worldwide. But ya, Buenos Aires is a good start.

Speaking of others integrating DAI–maybe we should have them come on a call/meeting and talk about their short-term and long-term outlook for having DAI in their protocols? Maybe get the likes of Valente (not familiar tbh), NEAR (heard they’re onboarding DAI), and others–greet and meet the Maker Community? @juanjuan @amyjung food for thought.

“All for one, is one for All” –Brand Nubian

Yeah, I took a look at NEAR as you suggested and it looks pretty good to me. Sharding with an emphasis on mobile phone ease of use + a good developer environment and tooling. They look like they are capable of some quality scaling as well. Would love to see them using DAI! Very exciting stuff @ElProgreso

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To clarify, Valente POS (Point of Sale) is one individual grantee who is working on building this point of sale system. Not a protocol :slight_smile:

Moving forward, we’re working on opening the grants process up to the community. This means those who apply for grants will have to present in our Tuesday Community Calls for the community to ask questions (most recent example is SaveDAI). With Brian Valente (founder working on Valente POS), he’s less comfortable with English, so we will have to do a Spanish call soon :slight_smile:

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