[Agenda/Discussion] Scientific Governance and Risk #169 - Thursday, November 25 17:00 UTC


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Call Information

The zoom waiting room will be on, and a password is set to: 748478, please ping us in the Maker Discord’s #governance channel if you aren’t let in from the waiting room.


Slides - updated before the call


Governance Round-Up

Selected Discussions

CU Operations
Budgeting, Accounting, & Reporting.
Communication Standards.
Cross-functional Initiative Coordination.

Adding support for the 1bps GUNI pool
Why do we need to add it?
Should we add it?
What are the repercussions for adding it, do we mess with the 5bps pool?
Agility with LP Token collateral.

Other Discussions and General Q&A

General Q&A
Ask us stuff.

Open Discussion
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G&R #169 Snippet

This snippet includes Governance, MIPs, forum updates, and Core Unit team discussions from the MakerDAO Governance and Risk Call #169.

General Updates



  • Last Week’s executive - PASSED & EXECUTED
    • WBTC-B Onboarding, WBTC Stability Fee Changes, Local Liquidation Limit (ilk.hole) Changes, Change of Covenants for P1-DROP (Peoples Company Series 1), Offboarding Collaterals
  • Executive Proposal up for vote tomorrow. Will include:
    • wBTC-C Onboarding
    • PSM-GUSD-A Onboarding
    • Surplus Buffer Increase-over-time begins.
    • Aave D3M from 50M to 100M.
    • Core Unit Budget distributions



Weekly MIPs Update #63

  • All of November’s ratifications polls have passed!
  • New Core Units: IS-001, SAS-001, and DECO-001

Forum at a Glance

Forum at a Glance: November 18 - 25

Team-led Discussions

Core Unit Operations

Budgeting, Accounting, and Reporting

  • We need to focus on all Core Units to present their operations efficiently and correctly.
    • Poor or late information hurts RWF production of Core Unit reports.
  • It can be difficult for facilitators to manage their Core Unit finances at an optimal level.
  • There is community support for a CU finances team to help all Core Units.
  • There are spreadsheets that help with forward guidance, account, and more; ask PECU, RWF, and SES.
    • However, getting all the information takes some time.
  • How would you structure large upfront costs into the DSSvest stream?
    • You would need those funds from the beginning or account some of them into the initial budget.
  • Derek is planning to present a review of these spreadsheets.
  • Are we employees or contractors under MakerDAO?
    • How can we correctly set up an Accounting Core Unit?
  • Nadia hired an accountant for GRO-001 finances.
  • It will be very helpful for optimizing and gauging the success of new initiatives if we have access to all Core Units accounting.

Cross-Function Initiative Coordination

  • How well are we aware of all Core Unit initiatives, internal communication, and understand Core Unit schedules?
    • The problem with cross-functional Core Unit initiatives is that they require transparency and public communication.
  • Maker needs to be more straightforward with communication on forums to support collaterals and their failsafe or liquidations.

Adding Support for the 1BPS GUNI Pool

  • Onboard G-UNI for UniV3’s new 0.01% fee tier
  • Most of the volume will go through the 1BPS pool, and it makes sense to support it.
  • Should improve liquidity and leverage same as done with the 5BPS pool.
  • What are methods to be more efficient with handling these types of collaterals?
    • It will be very easy to onboard the 1BPS pool.
    • We can point a D3M at the AAVE GUNI market for better results.
    • But if we have to jump around a lot, we can try to delegate for another protocol to do it for us.
  • We can reduce oracle costs and poke time to better levels that are still low risk.
  • What is PPG’s position on this?
    • PPG is watching the fees, and it needs to be unwinded.

SES Core Unit Focus and Analysis



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