Aggregating educational resources - asking for community input

Hello from SES

We are trying to put together a table with all relevant educational material about MakerDAO from and outside the community with the objective of having a clear view of what is available and what needs to be created.

Plenty of content has been gathered from within SES too, but I do believe there is still great content out there that is just hidden or not easily accessible.

So, I invite all of you to come have a look at this table and try to post what you think is missing and is relevant for someone that would like to learn more about MakerDAO.

You can see the table here and be able to add a comment with links to the material:

Thank you


Posting the screenshot for those that are too lazy to click the link :).

Which educational materials are missing from the list?


Governance-focused docs here. Aiming to get them on soon. (also still WIP.)

Also @Petru_Catana’s budget flows? :slight_smile:

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As an aside. @lollike and I were talking about getting a documentation working group together sometime soon. Not sure if what you’re doing here would fit with that, but seems like it would.


SES is working on it actively. Let’s sync!

Count GovComms in on that, we would love to participate and support.


DUX also happy to contribute to governance documentation (both technical and functional!)

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