[AMA] Collateral Engineering with Robert Jordan (Monkey.irish)

Join us on Zoom July 9 at 14:00 UTC to discuss Robert’s background and experience coordinating the launch of Multi-Collateral Dai and the collateral onboarding process, as well as the productization of Collateral Onboarding with the proposed Collateral Engineering Services (CES) Core Unit.

Robert is currently a MakerDAO Foundation Transformation Lead and has 30+ years of experience in sales, marketing, business development, and spent the last 20 years in product and engineering development and leadership.

Can’t make the call? No problem! Keep your eyes out for the recordings and transcripts on the following channels:

Leave your questions below and we’ll see you on the call!

@prose11 @monkey.irish


First question – what does “monkey irish” mean?


We also have an anonymous question box available now!


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Absolutely nothing! :laughing: Well, almost. I was looking for a handle I could use everywhere without modification. The picture came first in a totally unrelated conversation to crypto. I saw the “monkey” in the photo and decided to add “Irish” to it…after having a couple of beers. It seemed fitting. I did a few checks and found I could use it just about everywhere without modification.

Only after the fact did I realize the monkey was displaying a " Sign of the horns" hand gesture. In Hatha Yoga, it has a meaning of “rejuvenate the body”. In Buddhism, it means to expel demons, remove negative energy, and ward off evil. That’s the one I’m going with. Back off evil collateral, Monkey.Irish is on the job! :rofl:


This call is now available to re-watch or listen to!


Thanks for sharing Jerry I will schedule it to watch it later to enjoy it. :eyes:

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