[AMA] Growing a DAO with Growth Core Unit Facilitator Nadia Alvarez

Join us on Zoom 2021-08-16T15:00:00Z to learn more about the Growth team’s approach to DAO Development and where they see MakerDAO positioning itself within the landscape of DeFi and FinTech.

Nadia is a former employee of the Maker Foundation and current Facilitator of the Growth Core Unit, where her team focuses on business partnerships and integrations.

The Growth team has thus far been leading the idea and discussion of institutional and long-term vaults, helping to communicate with large DAOs and companies who are interested in the option of investing large amounts into more vaults with specific parameters.

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AMA call - Episode #06

August 16th, 2021


  • 00:10: Intro with Jerry Goldfarb
  • 00:22: AMA with Nadia Alvarez
  • 57:30: Outro




Jerry Goldfarb

Agenda and Preamble


  • Thanks to everybody for coming to our AMA #06 today with Nadia, the Growth CU facilitator.
  • For other episodes of AMA, please check the forum.

AMA with Nadia Alvarez from Growth CU


00:25 - Jerry Goldfarb

  • How did you get to be the facilitator of the Growth Core Unit? What led you to this area of work?

03:26 - Jerry Goldfarb

  • Have there been drastic differences between the things you focus on or how you have to function in terms of now versus when you were with the Foundation? Or has it been just a continuation?

05:43 - Jerry Goldfarb

  • I had a connection with some of the members of the Foundation when I was working with CommDev. Through this transition, it has been interesting to continue to see all those relationships unfold into what we are now calling the community. What has your team’s main focus been after this transition, and now that you are in the DAO and not the Foundation?

11:22 - Payton Rose

  • Now that a lot of Paxon’s deals are more public, could you share about how that partnership came to be? What are some of the lessons you learned that Growth will apply to other partnerships as you look to grow on?

16:34 - Frank Cruz

  • I got a question with regards to institutional Vaults. I was listening to the Coinbase Earnings Call. They say that they have added 9000 institutional clients to their roster. Two of the biggest things that the institutional client is looking for are custodial services and making sure that they are compliant. I wanted to get an idea from you. When you talk to institutions, are you getting the same tone where they are thinking about compliance and custody? Can you give us a color of how that conversation goes when it comes to talking to institutions?

22:33 - Frank Cruz

  • Is the Growth CU talking more to institutions based in Europe, Asia? How about South America? Are you getting any traction? Do banks like Banco do Brasil or BBVA are interested in this product?

27:15 - Jerry Goldfarb

  • In terms of the conversations with these institutions, is it typical that they are like: “here are the problems, this is why we cannot do it, if you figure out some answers to this come back to us” or are they are more interested in trying to collaborate and trying to find solutions together?

28:34 - Jerry Goldfarb

  • I want to go back a little bit in terms of projects and things that the team with the Foundation, the Bussiness Development Team, did. Of the things already accomplished and finished, what are the most exciting things that are your favorite to share and discuss?

33:25 - Jerry Goldfarb

  • If you cannot convert the money, it is hard to convince people that it is worth something. That is a unique new frontier. When you start these types of conversations with a new company or protocol or something, do people respond typically positively and with a desire to collaborate, or is it a ‘what can you do for us’ situation? Is it easy?

37:10 - David Utrobin

  • What is the Growth CU doing to enter into other countries similar to Latin America in their general properties? What is the Growth CU doing to try to approach other geographies around the world?

40:20 - David Utrobin

  • Do you think that there is room for other Growth CUs that are also geographically focused but may have boots on the ground elsewhere and are more capable of approaching that area? Or do you think that the Growth teams should approach you guys and create a big Growth team? What should MakerDAO do to try to approach those other parts of the world that we might not be able to approach right now?

43:03 - Payton Rose (from chat)

  • Along the line of incorporating with Fiat, how is Growth looking at RWA opportunities? What are the most exciting ideas for getting Dai into the Real World?

46:38 - Jerry Goldfarb

  • Do you think that the process of the scaling and growth of the DAO is well defined so far? I think that the collateral onboarding process is not precisely straightforward if you just look at it. Once you have had it explained to you or can talk to someone about it, it makes sense. Do you think there is still a lot of improvement to be done in the crypto space of the onboarding process in general?

50:35 - Jerry Goldfarb
This is a unique space that changes and grows so much. Right now, we have the impending regulations that are being discussed consistently. I wonder if you have a perspective on not seeing the gas fee problem coming. Have we paid enough attention to the regulatory conversations? Are we putting our eggs in the right baskets and trying to prepare as much as possible for the unknown of the impending regulations? Is there more we could be doing?

53:38 - David Utrobin

  • What is the number one thing that will help the impactfulness of the Growth CU?

57:04 - Jerry Goldfarb

  • If people want to reach out to contact you, what is the best way to do it?

Closing Comment

Jerry Goldfarb


  • Thank you so much for doing this, Nadia, and thank you to everyone for coming.




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