[AMA] William Remor of the Real World Finance Core Unit

Interested in learning more about Real World Finance? Share your questions and William Remor of the Real World Finance Core Unit will answer them in our inaugural episode of Ask MakerDAO.

Join us on Zoom June 3 at 21:00 UTC to learn about the progress of the Real World Finance Core Unit, the implications of having Real World Assets helping to back our DAI, and anything else you might want to know.

Can’t make the call? No problem!

Keep your eyes out for the recording on MakerDAO’s Youtube and Podcast channels, and a transcript on the Community Blog.

Leave your questions below and we’ll see you on the call!

Zoom Link
Meeting ID: 845 7915 3534
Passcode: 935670

CC: @williamr @seth


So neat!! Can’t wait to see all the questions and answers.

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@JerryAG Looking forward to this one, mate!


Audio version now available here;

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Thanks guys for the conversation yesterday. It was fun!


Video up now on the MakerDAO Youtube Channel


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