Announcing Maker Operational Manual

Maker Operational Manual


After a lot of hard work, GovAlpha is happy to announce the launch of the Maker Operational Manual!

The Manual aims to become the main source of information and documentation to make Governance more accessible and navigable for the whole community. A good part of this documentation already existed. The Manual intends to organize and present this content in a more organized and approachable fashion as well as to add new resources.

The first section, MakerDAO, covers MIPs and Core Units under the Structure subsection and outlines some of our numbers - Status & Dashboard + Core Unit Budget Flow - under the Overview subsection.

The Governance section covers the Governance cycles, a guide to voting on-chain and off-chain, an overview of the verification process for executive votes, and a full subsection on Delegation.

Finally, the last two sections are the Parameters and Modules index.

This is a forever work-in-progress project. Some of our future goals are:

  • keep the manual up-to-date
  • provide a Spanish version
  • update existing parameters and modules and add new ones

We are calling all Core Units to reach out if you believe you might have documentation that would find a good home on the manual.
If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know. We are open and eager to get your feedback!

We hope that you will appreciate this new resource!

Thanks to all the contributors:


This is great and can’t wait to have the Spanish version, one thing that could be nice is if tools like this one can be opened via the MakerDAO website, like under the Community tab (or even adding a new tab), of course the official website still doesn’t have a CU in charge of it, but for the future will be great if we can put together all the tools under one site, will be so much easier for newcomers.

Again, amazing work here !


Can we get a link to this from the MakerDAO | An Unbiased Global Financial System top level page? Perhaps under the Learn menu, add after Whitepaper and FAQs?


What a great project :+1: organizing all that content will make it much more digestible and accessible to more people. Congratulations !!! if you need a hand with the Spanish version I can help you :wink:

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Official media accounts and websites are still under Dai Foundation management, and the DAO is looking for the best way to find a CU (or someone) who can manage those. That’s why a Marketing CU is needed inside the DAO (or even inside another CU).

Hopefully this will be solved in the future and tools like this one will be all under one single site !


Hola Luis!
Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

Thank you, @psychonaut !
I will look into this :slight_smile: