Announcing MakerDAO’s Official Discord Server

With the impending close of MakerDAO’s beloved, we’re excited to announce the launch of the MakerDAO Official Discord Server!

Please join using this link: MakerDAO Official Discord

Starting October 31, 2021, will be shut down and Discord will take over as the community’s main platform for chat.

New channels include public and private channels for Core Units, a channel for our Spanish-speaking community members, and three rooms for voice chat. The voice chat channels are available for anyone to use on a first-come, first-served basis.

Using the Server

Due to the way Discord handles roles and permissioning, all users must be assigned roles in order to make different channels available to different users.

Upon joining the Discord server, you’ll only be able to see a few channels. For access to all of the basic channels, read the #rules and click the blue heart emoji :blue_heart: to automatically be assigned to the “Community” role.

We’ll be manually giving Core Unit Facilitators, Contributors, Delegates, and other stakeholders roles to provide access to various private channels over the next few days so thanks for your patience while we get that sorted out.

Commemorative NFTs

To celebrate this transition, we’ve created a MakerDAO NFT! Anyone who’s been part of the community on is welcome to claim an NFT. If the NFT in the picture above looks a bit blurry, that’s because the original version is animated! Check out the animated version on POAP’s event page.

Thanks to Proof-of-Attendance-Protocol (POAP), NFTs may be claimed for free on the xDai network. POAP will also allow you to claim your NFT on mainnet if you don’t mind paying the transaction fee.

If you already provided an ETH address along with your Discord handle, please reach out so we can get your NFT to you! We didn’t realize POAP would provide codes to claim the NFTs rather than giving us the ability to airdrop them to specific addresses.

To claim the MakerDAO NFT, please reach out and let me know your handle via (@seth.goldfarb), Discord (GoldenChaos#4493), or DM here in the Forum.

Credit Where It’s Due

This has been a collaborative effort between @GovAlpha-Core-Unit, Tech-Ops, @gov-comms-core-unit, and @content-production so big thanks to everyone involved in putting this together!


I’m loving the new setup with the new channels and topics! Awesome job everyone that made this happen!


Congratulations to all the team did a good job, I hope to get my NFT hehe. :sweat_smile:


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