Announcing MakerDAO's Community Blog

The Community Development team announced the re-launch of the community portal a while back, and now we’re pleased to share the final piece of the content production puzzle: a community blog! Your blog.

The Community Portal has always been an open-source site built for and by its community, and we intend to allow for a more robust content contribution process.

A resource for publishing community-driven content

The Community Blog is purposefully built to help editors publish blogs to the Community Portal with as little friction as possible and enable contributors to see what their articles will look like on the site in real-time, giving the community a powerful tool sharing stories and information about the progress of MakerDAO.

The Messaging team largely drove this feature, now the proposed Content Core Unit, in response to the need for grassroots articles written by and for the larger community.

Our first series of articles, entitled “Engineering for Communities,” introduces the blog and Dai-ves deeper into the story of the creation of the Community portal.

Why create a new blog for MakerDAO?

Great question! The MarComms team at the Foundation have done an excellent job of maintaining MakerDAO’s official blog.

The Community Blog offers a home for a wider variety of grassroots content and coordinated by the DAO.

Who’s behind this effort

Starting with an amazing user report produced by Lesa Mone for CDIP #36, Comm-Dev uncovered the need to tell stories about Dai adoption, Maker Governance, Core Units, decentralization in motion, and even how we built the portal.

PM Tim Black –hey that’s me :wave: – pulled together an excellent team including the amazing Réjon Taylor-Foster leading engineering efforts and Shea Fitzgerald on design with mock-ups to give the blog a look and feel that is tied to MakerDAO’s signature brand while growing in a community-driven direction.

Thanks to these collaborative efforts, MakerDAO now has a powerful, git-powered content management system. Now owned by the Content Production Core Unit, this is another tool to produce stories about this incredible community until there is a cohesive and DAO-driven strategy for producing content.

Want to Contribute?

Anyone with a Github account can put up a PR to submit a blog or the Content team is happy to work with you to get your work published. Please reach out to Seth Goldfarb via Maker Chat @seth.goldfarb or email at [email protected].

The blog currently features editorial, governance, and community categories. We’ll have further announcements about the types of content we want to see and how the blog will be managed as we transition into Core Units.

The portal is an open-source project maintained by a few loyal admins. If you’d like to contribute to its maintenance, feel free to reach out to Tim on rocket chat ( or Github @twblack88.

Here’s the Pull Request, for anyone interested in examining the code or reading more about the technical decisions made in the course of building this stack. You can also dive into a final walkthrough with Réjon.


Are there any plans for making a discord?

There’s a thread for that! Just give discourse a search.


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