[Art Contest] Dragon vs Capybara: A Mascot for MakerDAO

The community has spoken and MakerDAO is interested in adopting a mascot, but there’s one small issue: the poll to decide what the mascot should be has ended in a tie between the Capybara and the Dragon.

To choose a winner, MakerDAO’s Content Production Core Unit is sponsoring an art contest! The winning logo will decide what the mascot should be.

Grand Prize: 400 Dai + Swag

Runners up: Dai + Swag

Email your submission(s) and ETH address to [email protected]


Submissions will be accepted until July 31.

After July 31, we’ll create a post in the Maker Forum to let the community narrow down the top 10 submissions, which will then be put to a poll to decide the winner.

Runners-up will be announced August 15

Winners will be announced August 31

Capybara vs Dragon

Team Capybara

A number of community members have rallied behind the friendly capybara, making a strong case for its personality fit. Just look at them! They’re like the Zen Mammal.

Capybaras are sociable pack creatures that tend to play nice. Native to South America, the Capybara goes by several names, depending on who you ask:

  • Capivara in Brazil.

  • Capiguara in Bolivia.

  • Chigüire in Venezuela and Colombia

  • Carpincho in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay

  • And Ronsoco in Peru

What is unique is how they make-up that pack. The capybara is an incredibly inclusive animal that regularly co-exists alongside any number of water dwellers.

That inclusiveness is an idea that perfectly aligns with the Maker Protocol’s support of banking the unbanked.

In South America, around 70% of the population is unbanked or underbanked and serving these individuals aligns with the vision and values of many in the Maker community.

Team Dragon

According to Rune Christensen, the founder of MakerDAO, Dai was originally named after the world’s first paper currency, the Chinese JIAO 交 (jiāo), which means, to exchange.

Unfortunately the character for jiao (交) can also be used to represent intercourse… so he pivoted, eventually settling on dài (貸), meaning, to lend or to provide capital.

With a name rooted in ancient Chinese history, the Chinese dragon certainly makes for a fitting mascot.

Aside from that - It just fits. Picture an ancient dragon as the Keeper of the Maker Vaults. Others point to accessibility as the dragon’s primary advantage:

Whichever direction you’re leaning, show the Community how you envision Maker’s new mascot. Your hard work may end up representing the movement!

Submit today!

Send your submissions and ETH address to [email protected].


Wow what an incredible video very well produced I like that they included Venezuelan art in there hehe. No doubt I am anxious to see those works that will be made on the capybara. :sunglasses:


OMG!!! team Capybara forever!!!


I would definitely choose Dragon over Latin American hamster that’s hard to pronounce


:rage: :rage: :rage: is a Ca-py-ba-ra


Me and the boys reading your comment :thinking:


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It’s come to our attention that the email we set up to accept submissions isn’t working for some people so we’re extending the contest another week!

If you had trouble submitting to [email protected], please feel free to submit your Capybara and Dragon logos to one of the following channels by the end of August 8th: