Auctions UI - Feedback

Hey everyone!
We are currently thinking about rebuilding the auctions UI for the dept and surplus auction at

Since we would like to include the communities thoughts & needs as much as possible, we would like to ask you for feedback on the current UI.

  • What do/n’t you like about the current UI?
  • Are there features you would like to have in the future?

Thanks a lot,


Okay, first of all I think it should be like the one for opening vaults, very polished, easy to use and consistent.

I wish you could tell the keepers how much they earned or how much they are generating. it would be interesting to see those earnings.

Maybe they will tell me that this could bring security problems, but remember that they are ETH addresses not names so there will be no identity or security problems on that part.


First I would like the options to be central buttons on the screen.

(I’m talking about the main screen of the web).

A more visual way would be nice.

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Could you give me a bit more context on this? What is your understanding on “how much they earned, or are generating”?

Thanks a lot for that helpful feedback!

That is something we also discovered, thanks for giving us further validation that we are not the only ones! :slight_smile:
Would there be anything else you would like to change or even add?

A Profit in $. Saying by liquidating here he was able to earn 25 DAI for the purchase of this collateral auctioned in reference to the market price.


Thank you for this clarification, that makes sense to me now! :slight_smile: