B2B Activations Report - Jun - Jul - Aug - 2021

Hi everyone, please find attached a brief report of the activations that we did with partners around the world.
These actions are planned together with the partners where we discuss how to reach their target audience with an action that can be interesting while keeping the costs adjusted to Tier Level.

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Report - B2B Activations Report - Jun - Jul - Aug - 2021

Link accessible now.


Thank you for this report Mariano–good stuff!

I like what you guys are doing with meme(dot)com and the focus in Asia. That’s cool.

EDIT: Question?–Do we have any quantitative figures for growth performance?

Thank you in advanced!

Hi Elpro! sorry the delay with Nadia we wanted to put all the responses in one place

This are the metrics that we have related to partners.

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That quarterly report is super helpful—thank you and @Nadia for that!

I car-jacked this idea :blush: from the Stacks (BTC DeFi provider) community—what do you think of a residence program in some of the regions that Growth has started to impact such as Asia, and possibly Africa where you are looking/recruiting?

Check this out: GitHub - stacksgov/residence-program: Repo for all resources related to the Stacks Foundation's Residence Program, including the application and nominations process.

Might be a tough program to run as you’re looking to kick things off w/Grants. But maybe something for the future…


Interesting, let me check it.

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