Badges Are Live In The Maker Forum!

could it be that getting the badges from the preferences is not working anymore? when clicking the “import badges” button i get a 404 on GET my browsers dev-console…

Forwarded to Badges squad just FYI. We’ll dig into this.

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Any update on the import badges functionality?

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Working on fixing up some dev pipelines. When was the last time you tried to redeem?

cheers, last week and about 5 hours ago.

Gotcha! Ok.

Super cool

i have the same issue

btw: claiming the maker badges works again :rocket:


Good to hear! There was a misplaced dev/dev that was a the problem for some. The working group meets Friday to double check for more addresses and set badges up for success.

It works !!! thanks for fixing it

Screenshot 2020-12-09 at 16.37.25

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Is there a way to disable the lower count badges of the same type so that I can show off the higher count ones more prominently? :smiley:

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I believe that’s an admin function within discourse. So, yes it’s possible.

How to add more associated wallet addresses.

Just claim with all your wallet sequentially. Should work out of the box

It seems that the badges of other wallet addresses have not been successfully imported

Because of the DSChief v1.2 migration, existing cold/hot wallet links have to be broken and new links must be created. How are badges handled in this case? Specifically, will the “consecutive votes” continue if:

  1. Both the hot and the cold wallets are the same on the new DSChief?

  2. The hot wallet is the same but the cold wallet is different on the new DSChief?

  3. The cold wallet is the same but the hot wallet is different on the new DSChief?

Hi folks!
Just a quick update you might see reduced functionality on badges for a week or two. We’re making some upgrades on the backend and will update everyone when they’re restored.

If you’re super curious about them or have ideas/suggestions, my rocketchat is always open


@twblack88 I am getting a bit worried about privacy concern. What attack vectors are there for finding out about identities?

I believe privacy concerns are answered above?