Bancor wants to take notes on our SourceCred instance

I’ve been spending time over on the Bancor Network Governance Forum, and I’ve been having talks with them about adopting SourceCred. They’ve shown indraw but want to know more about how it’s gone for us. I humbly ask the knowledgeful to kindly pitch in.



By most accounts quite well! @s_ben is our main SourceCred connection and has been super patient with my noob questions if they’re wondering about something in particular! But from a Governance perspective I’ve been very happy, we’ve been able to tweak things and get new features added to help with our incentives


There’s a lot of opinions, data and ideas on this thread. I think the spectrum of views is pretty well represented.


That thread is probably the best collection of current views of SourceCred.

I’d also recommend the Final Report on Maker’s initial three month trial of SourceCred. It’s 7 months old now, but has some more objective data, including engagement metrics and results from a contributor survey.


@prose11, @AstronautThis, @s_ben, thank you all! I’ll pass this all along.

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