Black Thursday Vault owners report Thread

Hi all. My CDP was 2380.

Would someone kind checking my liquidation status. I am confused by the entries on my defi history.

It looks like your vault was liquidated on Mar-13-2020 01:08:08 AM, so you would be within time period to be considered for compensation.

Hi folks, My CDP was 4846.

Sorry I wasn’t able to find it in the liquidations list. It also doesn’t show a history on defiexplorer.

Much appreciated. the last 1.6 eth was me trying to add funds before the liquidation i was not paid back anything.

also my other vault.

Looks like your vaults were liquidated at Mar-13-2020 03:18:08 AM (6268) and Mar-13-2020 01:12:00 AM (6446), so these would both be within the time period being covered by the compensation plan.

The plan as currently written will consider compensation for all vaults between 3/12/2020 12:00 UTC and 3/13/2020 13:40 UTC.

Hm, your vault 4846 is also showing as “unavailable” on Oasis. Not sure why this would be, I’ll ask around and will post here if I learn anything.

Where did you set up the vault originally (Oasis, Instadapp, DefiSaver etc)? Not sure if this would make any difference but figure I’d ask.

Where can I find out about the compensation plans?

Compensation plan can be found here: Vault Compensation Plan Proposal

Note that it is just a proposal at this point, it has not been accepted by MKR voters yet.

Thanks @monet-supply. It was migrated from SCD to MCD using InstaDapp.

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Hey @monet-supply, any updates on your investigation?

@monet-supply - Please add vault 4844 (oasis).

… as opposed to 4846 (oasis). I requested the Instadapp folks to investigate, see the following investigation thread for details. Summary below:

The Instadapp migration process is a bit funky, where it created 4846 then merged it back into 4844. Likely a bug in oasis and defiexplorer UX that doesn’t handle showing this correctly, leading to the missing “merge” activity in both the merged and closed vaults. My liquidated vault is 4844 as a result.

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Hey all, vault #3675.

I had 413 ETH collateral
around $32000 in DAI debt
Liquidation at $135 ETH price

After the liquidation fee and debt payoff as I understood from reading before using MakerDAO,
I should have been left with roughly $20,000 or around 148.15 ETH

Thank you so much to those of you helping push this towards a fair resolution.
Cheers <3

Wishing for a fair resolution and closure to this unthinkable event.

Vault #5288

Generated 35,999.91 DAI

Collateral 331.00 ETH

Liquidation Price $163.14

Vault loss $52,266.96

Hope to hear some positive developments soon and get back more ETH. ETH rocket ain’t waiting for nobody!! Thanks to all for your hard work on compensation proposals and making MKR great.

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Original article.

Quite an interesting read.

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Is anything happening next week on the governance call? For compensation?

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Yep looks like it

vault 3974* - lost 19.11 ETH.
Not entirely sure what happened, but I think all or some of my collateral was liquidated at 0.

yup! there are still some vaults with no compensation available (~2.5 M in total).
There might be still a chance to recover those -->