Bug in Oasis DEX - cancelling orders is unreliable

Sometimes I am unable to cancel orders submitted into the Oasis Dex. This started a few weeks ago. I click the cancel button but the browser doesn’t do anything at all and my metamask prompt for signature (using a ledger nano S) never happens.

When this happens, I get the same error on multiple browsers at the same time. When the problem goes away, all browsers work again.

This is the error message I get:

utils.js:65 Uncaught Error: Error: [number-to-bn] while converting number “1250000138.75” to BN.js instance, error: invalid number value. Value must be an integer, hex string, BN or BigNumber instance. Note, decimals are not supported. Given value: “1250000138.75”
at f (utils.js:65)
at Object.b (utils.js:276)
at formatters.js:126
at Array.forEach ()
at c (formatters.js:125)
at u.inputTransactionFormatter (formatters.js:162)
at index.js:146
at Array.map ()
at u.formatInput (index.js:144)
at u.toPayload (index.js:179)
at n (index.js:534)
at Object.d._executeMethod (index.js:909)
at callsHelpers.ts:111
at t.f (transactions.ts:211)
at t.project (callsHelpers.ts:100)
at t._next (switchMap.js:45)
at t.next (Subscriber.js:64)
at t._next (tap.js:62)
at t.next (Subscriber.js:64)
at t._next (take.js:51)
at t.next (Subscriber.js:64)
at t.notifyNext (combineLatest.js:83)
at t._next (InnerSubscriber.js:15)
at t.next (Subscriber.js:54)
at t._next (map.js:52)
at t.next (Subscriber.js:64)
at subscribeToPromise.js:7

Please report technical issues with the dex ui here

I reported the issue there as you requested:

It’s been a week and no response from Oasis / Maker.

I am a high-volume DeFi market maker and I use Oasis DEX all the time. The recent lack of reliability when trying to cancel orders is a very serious problem for me (and anyone else who might be affected by it). I tried looking at the code myself but the javascript has been minified.

Can you let me know when someone will take a look at this issue?