Call for MakerDAO Facilitators to share a multisig

MakerDAO Facilitators,

I am asking five volunteers who can share the multisig of a Moonshot Fund of 5 million DAI. Here’s a brief explanation of why this is needed:

  • The proposed Strategic Marcomms unit identifies and anticipates a problem of ad campaigns that require confidentiality and swift decisions, which the DAO can’t easily provide.
  • The heart of the problem is that the unit wouldn’t be able to share details or data of an upcoming campaigns as signing NDAs is a standard business practice.
  • The unit comes up with the Moonshot Fund as a solution, putting aside 5 million DAI which enables the unit to act on offers that provide great opportunities with high ROI.
  • To ensure the Moonshot Fund is safely guarded, I ask five facilitators who can share the multisig of the fund in a separate wallet.
    *This way, it eases concerns by some of the community members, and it also enables the Strategic Marcomms to perform its mandate.

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The discussions have also taken place in the governance-and-risk channel in Maker’s Rocket Chat.

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Hey Kathleen,

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Thanks Elihu.

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