Call for Proposals (CFPs)

Call for Proposals (CFPs) is an experimental framework from the Operational Support domain to encourage open applications for building and/or coordinating around potential core units. It expands upon these signals by @iammeeoh.


The goal is to further nurture high-level needs from the MakerDAO community, build potential Facilitator candidates in a pipeline, and offer an opportunity for crowdsourcing best solutions.

A few benefits to this approach:

  • Better exploration for open ended needs
  • Offer an opportunity for proposals to develop before submitting a Core Unit MIP
  • Offers opportunities for those interested in leading an initiative
  • Opportunity to work with other community members (such as facilitators)
  • Crowdsource better ideas
  • Give a more fair and open evaluation rather than resumes and closed interviews
  • The community can give and receive feedback
  • Even if proposers are not selected for the role, they can continue to contribute to the community


Anyone is able to submit a “Call for Proposals”, which signals roles or initiatives that are looking for organizers or leads.

Generally, the Community should be looking for candidates who:

  • Demonstrate intellectual curiosity
  • Willingness to navigate MakerDAO and the community
  • Develop processes for researching, gathering information and constraints
  • Ability to communicate results and process clearly
  • Ask critical questions around the why, what, and how