[Campaigning] Vote For Chuguire/Capybara/Carpincho to be the mascot of the MakerDAO protocol

I propose that you vote in favor of the chigüire as the mascot of the Maker protocol, it has everything necessary to be considered as the most appropriate mascot for our community.


It is very friendly
It has no problems with any other species.
It gets along well with everyone.
He is like a giant hamster and I think we all like hamsters.
Why go hand in hand with makerDAO?

He is sociable
He lives in a community or herd.
It has unique characteristics in itself, which makes it an inclusive animal when living with different species, which goes hand in hand with DAI which is money for everyone.

I think these are the most important points to consider it as an optimal pet for MakerDAO.

Vote here :point_down: :point_down: :point_down: :point_down: :point_down:


I already did my bit in the voting, without a doubt the chiguire is one of the most inspirational animals, it is peaceful, friendly and relates well with other species. Go Chiguire!!

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