[Campaigning] Vote NO on "Inclusion Poll for AmaZix Marketing Core Unit MIP Set - July 12, 2021

I urge fellow MKR holders to vote no on the AmaZix proposals, which no longer require an executive.

At the unsolicited request of members of the community – and to be even-handed given the due diligence I performed with the first MarComms proposals – I went through a moderately intensive process of due diligence on AmaZix.

While I could talk about how their historical core competencies appear to be mostly in the realm of moderating Telegram and Discord channels rather than branding or marketing, opine that they never clearly seemed up to speed on exactly what Maker does, or point out some fairly adversarial exchanges with community members, I will mostly focus on the responses I received from their current customers.

I reached out to as many current customers as I could. Several graced me with replies by either email, Telegram, LinkedIn, or Zoom call. I will note in advance, I was never able to get a real reply from Bancor, who appears to be AmaZix’s largest client in crypto, and has been with them for a while. Bancor I can only assume would at least provide neutral or positive feedback about AmaZix, given the length of their relationship, but we can only speculate.

While I did get one response from a project that was very positive, my main finding was that multiple current clients told me they plan to end their relationship with AmaZix.

More current clients said they were already planning to discontinue using AmaZix’s services than provided positive or neutral replies.

Generally, there was nothing exciting in the reasons given. No malfeasance or terrible personalities. It was an overall lack of performance. These are quotes from multiple current customers. One of them is even on the provided “List of Notable and Successful Engagements” in the AmaZix presentation:

“Not delivering value honestly.”
“Not that great.”
“They didn’t have a real strategy, just good presentations.”
“Honestly we didn’t like AmaZix too much. Our community didn’t like them, too”
“We have worked with another team before AmaZix for community management and marketing services and they were definitely 100x better than AmaZix.”
“[We] will not move forward after this month.”

Perhaps AmaZix can do something for MakerDAO that it has not for its current clients. But given that some of the very same names that are listed as examples in their own list of clients are this unhappy with them, I think there is no reason for MKR holders to vote anything other than NO.

You may vote NO here.

Thank you to AmaZix, who spent quite a bit of time engaging with us. Please don’t let this dissuade you from coming back with narrower or different proposals – particularly if you can bring a number of customer references that would be willing to speak with us.


thanks @PaperImperium for investigating!


Appreciate the DD on this. I’ll be voting no.


Very good presentation and very good exposition of the points, I agree to vote NO.


Agreed – much respect to Amazix for putting in some effort but given my views on the presentation and Paper’s DD report (helpful and confirmed suspicions), I will vote “no” on this proposal.

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I already decided to vote no, even before this post.


Thanks for investigating, I’ll be voting no.


Ok very well explained, the added value in a brand is important, definitely the No is the option. I agree to vote NO


I agree with @jernejml this was a “No” from inception. But thank you Paper for taking time-out and doing the Due Dilly–well done young man :slight_smile:


I was already leaning towards no and this helps confirm that decision.


Hi Amazix,

I believe your application simply came a bit early.

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Hi PaperImperium,

1. First of all, I would like to briefly reiterate our success story

As mentioned in the proposal document, AmaZix humbly served the crypto space since 2017, developing from a company of 6 founders to be named the largest full-service blockchain marketing agency, ranked #1 in 2021 by Software World.

We employ a powerful team of 80+ staff, contractors, and partners worldwide and have successfully worked with 250+ blockchain projects in these four years.

Growing from community and social media management services, we have steadily expanded our service offering to include (among the others): global public relations, website design and development, primary and secondary market research, pay per click (PPC) advertising across social and display and remarketing networks, blockchain and mass media influencer outreach, investor relations, webinars and AMAs, viral and growth hacking while expanding an award-winning creative team.

2. The Importance of organic growth vs. hype

We know our customers, and since the beginning of our business history, we have strived to promote a professional, measured, organic approach embedded within all our services. We fronted the hyped approach adopted by many of our “competitors,” based on fake vanity metrics. The reason is that, while our team has vast experience in blockchain and marketing, our management business background comes from +100 years of previously cumulated experience with traditional corporations. We know how to get to the required results without getting burned through shortcuts.

Having to fight unrealistic expectations is also part of our job, and as a company ethos, we prefer to make things clear with our customers from day one because we know this is the route that will bring better results in the long term.

It’s a matter of trust, and trust takes time to be built: it’s by far the most valuable asset we have. We are here to be a reference company for many years to come, together with our team of professionals, with our well-thought approach against any hype. We are AmaZix.

3. About our commitment

You can read more about us and our commitment to our customers and the crypto space as a whole through our blog posts. The following is just a minimal selection of the most recent articles:

Hi Planet_X,

thanks for this.

Allow me to reply to you with a GIF though :wink:

@oldpaul Hey man—why not provide the Maker Community with 18-months of FREE marketing? Our Oracles core units has done such to bootstrap its impeccable services. Hence, if your product is impeccable—please provide the community with the proof-of-work. After all, great opportunities will not wait. :wink:

Let’s us know. Will also help you to get to know the community and that will be a huge bonus.


While I agree with the no votes, I think this would not be fair to ask of anyone. I think Amazix is simply not right for us and our needs do not match their capabilities at this point in time. I think it should be left at that.


We’re a professional company with a typical cost structure, overheads, accountancy, and, most of all, a marketing dream team ready to work for MakerDAO as for any other serious company in this space.

We love to show our clients dedication, passion and creativity, going above and beyond the initial requirements when we found on the other side the same level of commitment. Money is just a tool for reaching a target: energy to activate other energies.

MakerDAO may or may not decide to release our proposal, which is fair, and I respect that.

I do not respect, and never did, people trying to get services for free. It sounds to me like a lack of respect for everyone else’s job.

So, thank you but no.


I’m glad to see that the greater community is ofter very much wiser than the single individuals. We started our company as community members, and our core focus will always be towards the community.


Pablo that’s called negotiating. That’s part of business. But hey, best of luck man.

200% NO

Find out more:

What an exciting company!

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Try harder