[Campaigning] Vote NO on "Inclusion Poll for AmaZix Marketing Core Unit MIP Set - July 12, 2021

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I’d like to remind everyone that this is an open forum responsible for sending a message to all parties we may deal with, either now or in the future. As such, I believe there’s tangible benefit from professionalism and courtesy.

That being said, I keep being (positively) impressed of how business is usually done in the forum. Remember, we hold public discussions on subjects which have remained behind closed doors at companies since forever. Let’s always seek to act the part of the de facto DAO-owners, choose words attentively, and provide an example to the world of what decentralized communities can become.


Elihu, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I can’t agree with you more on this.

My experience working for a global corporation like Bloomberg taught me that reputation matters. It matters to potential clients, users, vendors, employees, job applicants, anyone who interacts with the organization. You treat everyone with respect, and no one is beneath you.

In MakerDAO’s case, reputation matters to our partners, users, the community, and anyone who is considering joining our community.

Conducting all the discussions openly has been great achievements indeed.

In addition, in a regular organization, the management and HR ensure fairness, and they make sure no one is treated differently based on their race, gender, age, etc.

In the case of MakerDAO, there’s no one in charge of such a role, and we can only assume everyone in the community strives to hold a high standard and act in good faith.

If MakerDAO wants to be successful, every one of us in the community needs to keep that in mind. Not to mention unconscious bias, cognitive bias, and stereotyping that can be easily overlooked. Those subtle forms of discrimination hurts diversity we seek, and potentially detrimental to the MakerDAO community.


Since there was already a thread on the very same topic, I just replied over there. You can find AmaZix’s position on this subject here:

Very well stated Kathleen.