Can I still migrate SAI?

Hi I’m terrified,

I am logging back into my crypto after a while and noticed the warnings about SAI to DAI. I tried the migrate makerdao website and had some small technical issues with the various wallets, but keep trying things. Like with WalletConnect, it just does loading spins on the Unlock SAI part forever.

I wanted to ask if it’s even still possible to migrate my SAI to DAI? I bought a good amount and am terrified of losing it. I really believed in DAI and its goals so much and really hope that I don’t lose everything I put into this.

Please let me know if there’s still time

You cannot migrate SAI to DAI anymore. But you can convert your SAI into more than $2 of WETH using the sai tap. If you can’t figure it out you can always sell it on Uniswap v1 in small chunks.

You can check the process here. Migration Portal: Redemption after SCD Shutdown (May 12th 2020)

What’s the sai tap? About how much could I do with that? And how can I use it, like is there a website?

Uniswap v1 seems to work a bit, been waiting for the actual eth to come in for an hour or so though. Is that normal?

--------------, please assist with my questions I really need feedback

Please check the process I shared on the above.


Thank you Mr @Doo for your continued help.

Some of those terms are a bit technical so could you perhaps help me understand a bit?

For example this looks encouraging:

Does it really mean I can still swap my SAI for ETH? Forever?

And why is it around $2 each now? I understood it was like a $1 coin

Yes, you can swap Sai for ETH. It’s worth around $2 because Sai can be redeemed for $1 worth of ETH when the shutdown happened. The ETH price of Sai shutdown was at $189. And today it’s at $373.


Thank you that’s very clear.

Perhaps my last question is why it was showing a network fee of over $120 US dollars?

Should I keep tinkering with the system until things start working normally? Or is that something that was a fixed value from the shutdown date also?

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Ethereum gas prices are already exorbitantly high due to a lot of DeFi usage mixed in with some ponzi projects. Add the $90 ETH price drop last night, which requires on-chain DeFi liquidators to use the Ethereum network even more so. This pumped gas prices up to $120! There’s nothing you’re doing wrong on your end. Ethereum has become way too expensive to use for smaller individuals.

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Ok thanks, just on Uniswap and other places it’s usually still around $1 or so for the transaction gas. $120 range was unique to the portal so far

Edit - tried again today and it’s down to about $7 per transaction. I can work with that

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