Can we get a Consolidated List of Open CU Career Postings within the DAO?


Not sure who operates the forums but would LOVE to see a consolidated list of Job Openings in the DAO (organized by CU with job descriptions) posted on the forums. As it stands, it’s time-consuming for someone who is intimately familiar with the forums to navigate to each CUs budget page to see what jobs are available and even then, the listed positions are not current.

I am envisioning this as something at the top of the page that is quite clear and visible. As I’ve mentioned before I think our #1 objective at this stage is to attract and retain talented individuals who can contribute to the DAO. We need to let people know the DAO is hiring!


At the moment there is the Talent Acquisition CU’s Maker recruiting site:

They are still being incubated as a CU, but that’s one place I suggest other facilitators post job listings.

The other location to look out for in the future(i expect) will be the old site, once it is handed off and all the access/process/permissions are sorted out.

There is also the forum’s help wanted section, which isn’t used very much.

I agree, it is very fragmented and we should bring all of these together in a single location. Perhaps to start, my team can create a stickied forum thread in the help wanted section that lists all of these.


This is the issue though - had no idea the talent acquisition team was working on anything or had a site, and I doubt most others knew as well

I would much rather have a banner or link on the top of the forums than a stickied thread which would not be visible from the forum home page. There’s a ton of white space at the top - plenty of room for something :slight_smile:. Seems like something that would be quite easy to add.


For now I made this thread anyway

I will talk to long/govalpha about the banner and see what they think. In fact, @LongForWisdom @prose11 @Elihu any thoughts?

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They definitely advertise on LinkedIn, as I’ve seen openings scrolling through there

I had no idea either. Maybe putting up a yellow banner that users can exit out of would be better at attracting talent.


Wow I didn’t even know this page existed. Is the internship position for SES still available? @juan


So generally feel that too many banners can get distracting, but a job positions page seems like a good one to have access to. Could we put the links into our existing banner?

Only real issue I see if accessibility to the list, as both the LinkedIn page and Recruiting Page rely on specific actors to maintain it. I don’t think this represents a huge issue, but ideally IMO all the Core Units would be able to update a recruiting page themselves when they have positions open.


Totally agree. In the meantime I will make sure to update the thread I made with all sources I can find. I sent an email to all the facilitators this morning asking about their job posting practices.

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I’d perhaps like to see a careers page on the homepage (MakerDAO | An Unbiased Global Financial System). Feels like that would be a more appropriate place for a list.