Can we get a new roadmap?

Leading up to MCD launch, we had a roadmap. What is the Maker team working on now? What are the goals for the next 1, 3, 6, 9, and 12 months? How about some vague guidance? :grin:


No responses to this? I see others are asking also.

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Hi @Tarpmaster,

We could ask to @LongForWisdom or @Davidutro ,they probably can give more details about this.

You can join the chat also here :

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For the newer members of the community:
Maker has had 2 or 3 roadsmaps since 2016. IMHO, they were usually outdated by the time they were published and no attempt were made to follow up specific items in them.

At its core Maker is a research project. Making roadmaps for research projects with milestones and timelines is just going to be a work of science fiction. No ones knows exactly what will be necessary or when it will be finished. So while a Maker roadmap has been requested multiple times I think it has become a common understanding that it is a nearly pointless exercise.

It is however a very relevant question: what is Maker planning now that DAI has launched? We know synthetic assets are coming, but exactly when is highly uncertain. Real-world assets are coming, hopefully sooner rather than later. Then there is the hardest part of all - getting governance right.

Hopefully people will understand that you cannot put “Crypto governance - final version” on a roadmap and plan it to Q3 2020. That is simply not how research and development works.

What we as a community can do is voice concerns and come up with ideas.

Maybe not the answer you were looking for but I hope you gained some insight.


Hi @Planet_X,

Just for my personal idea if you don’t mind. It’s been around 50 days i come here. Days after days.

Discussion about gouvernance is there, but concrete and projects are not showing up pretty much.

We talk a lot, but major decision from gouvernance projects are not taken really , i may be wrong also.

But from what i can see. Roadmap would push up some stress to deliver faster work. Still need to put the emphase on quality work. I am just questioning myself about this.

derek.flossman replied on Maker chat:

Hi jpritikin , thanks for your question and apologies for my lack of a response to your forum post. Speaking from a governance perspective…We are currently in the middle of planning 2020 scope. I can’t comment on the timeline specifics right now as that is a work-in-progress. However, as per our Governance calls in January, I hope there is no surprise that we are heavily involved in work regarding Maker Improvement Proposals, that once introduced, will with community discussion help lay the groundwork for; improving the governance cycle, introducing instant access modules (mechanisms to introduce system variable changes (such as the DSR or DC etc) without going through an executive vote), and in the future also vote delegation as some examples that will require community debate, design and implementation via MIPs. This is a fairly documentation heavy task upfront (the framework piece) - similar to EIPs and BIPs. I know this doesn’t give you a direct bullet point list of what’s coming up, and falls short of your request, but we are aware that the community it looking for this information so are looking to share within the coming weeks.