Can you help shape the future of the crypto ecosystem and Maker products?

Hi everyone!

I am wondering if anyone here can and or would be interested in shaping the future of the crypto ecosystem as well as Maker products?

Simply, we are looking for volunteers to complete and widely share two surveys. One survey is quite broad and seeks to understand the crypto and fintech ecosystem at large, from novice users all the way to dapp developers. we hope to get tons of responses to this one. The second survey is focused on existing users of Maker products, it will only be relevant to those who use DAI, Vaults (CDPs), or Maker Governance.

If you think you can help, please complete the above surveys and share them far and wide!

Thank you



@jordan.jackson Hi Sir,

I just did the survey , the question are pretty good.

I liked it actually

I do the second one now. Sorry for late reply @jordan.jackson