Can't deposit DAI from Ledger Nano S seems broken when I try to deposit from my Ledger Nano S, I was able to send the two transactions that are needed to enable the account for deposits with DAI, but when I try to do the deposits sometimes the Ledger doesn’t ask for confirmation, and the transactions don’t show up on the block explorer. I seems none of the deposit transactions were even sent to the blockchain in the first palce. I was able to deposit from Metamask but that’s only an account that I use as a hot wallet, now I need to transfer the deposited DAI back to my Ledger, but the deposited DAI don’t show up on Metamask nor the block explorer, only on

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@rraallvv Hi,

Did you update your browser, extension, and update your PC ?

Try these, it will help i am pretty sure.

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Did you get this fixed? I recently bought a nano x and I am having issues with it as well.

Ledger Nano X
Running v1.2.11 of the ledger ethereum app
Ledger Live 2.0.1 for mac

I’ve had success using Ledger Nano S via the MetaMask extension. You might try that.

I tried connecting to metamask as well, but every time i try to setup the proxy the transaction immediately fails with some transaction error that won’t fit into the notification.

Ok was able to get it to work with metamask. Basically needed to go into the ethereum settings (in the ledger nano) and enable the “Allow contract data” setting

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@Andy_McCall Sometimes Metamask is updated at a different time for different browser also.

Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc. Some browser may work better than other but for each web site of application that you visit, you need to apply the connection for the web site in your Metamask option, settings, connection.

If you ever happen to fail again with the transaction, remove Metamask extension, download it again and install it again. Don’t forget to save your phrase code to import back your account.

Metamask is tricky sometimes.

Hi @Sirlupinwatson, I’ve been using the Ledger through the MetaMask extension because that allows me to easily select a custom gas fee. I’m not sure if that can be done when connected directly with the Ledger.

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Hi @rraallvv,

I don’t personally own a Ledger Nano S if this is what you are referring to but From Metamask you can select a custom Gaz fee without the need of Ledger.

Ledger Nano S is just a Walet.

What I mean is that I was able to deposit some DAI with the Ledger but wasn’t able to choose a custom gas fee. That’s why I’m now connecting the Ledger to MetaMask and then connecting MetaMask to the portal to be able to select a custom gas fee when deposing DAI from the Ledger.

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