CDP Migration: "Redemption Failed...?

so I’m trying to migrate a CDP, and am getting a “Redemption Failed. Your collateral was not redeemed.” message.

also have a “7480e19: don’t display duplicate cdps” message to the lower right.

I don’t have a large degree of technical know how with details to assess what the problem is here.

I redeemed another CDP to a different address that I took out around the same time as this one, and had no problems.

Could anyone help me figure out what the issue is and how to properly redeem this?


Got it sorted.

Turns out browser contract data was off on my Ledger. Worked ok once turned on.

Migrating your CDP is no longer possible as the migration contract has been depreciated and Single Collateral DAI has been shut down. You’ll have to buy SAI on the open market to close your CDP and open a new Vault in MCD.


Thanks man can u plz help bit more i can buy sai from uniswap but how will I close old Cdp , so that I can open a new Vault . plz advice I’m totally non tech guy

I have no idea, am totally the wrong person to ask.