CES Auditor's Wallet Multisig

Thanks to all who agreed to participate as a signer on the CES Auditor’s Wallet! Everyone has already signed at least one transaction so we’re good to go.

Auditor’s Wallet Signers

Per MIP40c3-SP30: Modify Core Unit Budget - Collateral Engineering Services (CES-001) https://forum.makerdao.com/t/mip40c3-sp30-modify-core-unit-budget-collateral-engineering-services-ces-001/9810, CES has confirmed with a number of trusted Maker DAO members that they will be taking up the role of Auditor’s Wallet signers.

CES CU Auditor’s Wallet

Multisig Signers

@marcandu (Oracle Core Unit Team)
Address: 0xf63EfEE2A663b04cB5a09De6E3EB910d8442131D

@cmooney (Protocol Engineering Core Unit Team)
Address: 0xEeF3026eF864C9398c008195E65d16D9cb42a512

@williamr (Real World Finance Core Unit Team)
Address: 0x44d2509074993b858c54B6d276ebD3816FC93A68

@monkey.irish (Collateral Engineering Services Core Unit)
Address: 0x5dB11f0d94C55e0B2ff22bBc19dE1A5D2BBc7234

cc: @prose11 @LongForWisdom

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