CES Core Unit Update | #1

As the first update of the CES Core Unit, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the community supporting the ratification of CES. I realize we had about 30k MKR that voted against CES. I would encourage any of you that did not support CES, for whatever reason, to reach out to me and share your thoughts and opinions. You will find I encourage feedback of all types and I am ready to listen.

Activities this week focused on business entity/core unit formation and recruiting/hiring. These tasks are critical in the next 0-3 months.

Business Entity/Core Unit Formation

  • Hired Launch Legal, www.techlawstartup.com, to assist with the business entity formation as a Wyoming LLC
    • Entity name: Clio (klee-oh) Finance, clio.finance
  • Confirmed multisig signers and Auditor’s Wallet setup, Gnosis Safe
  • IT setup tasks
  • CES budget preparation/confirmation for 2021-10-08 executive vote
  • Various conversations with core unit facilitators and team members
  • Setup a variety of meetings with business service providers for Core Unit operations


  • Worked closely with the SES Talent Incubation Core Unit on recruiting activities (they ROCK!)
  • Four smart contract engineering candidates in the pipeline
    • Offer stage for one of the candidates - start date Nov 15 2021
  • Two product manager candidates in the pipeline
  • One advisor commitment, advisor agreement being put in place


  • Plugging into the normal meetings as a Core Unit Facilitator for Collateral
  • Confirmed speaking engagement at ETH Portland
    • Topic: Beyond the Maker Foundation – I will be sharing my experiences on managing the Foundation’s transition into the DAO/Community and the progress we have made to date.

As always, let me know if you have any feedback or questions. Enjoy your weekend!


History is your Muse? Or just like the name?

You got it!

Clio was a Greek mythological muse and Goddess, featured in heroic poetry and history. I mean, we could use a little feminine energy in this place! lol

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