CES Core Unit Update | #3

Hi, all! CES update #3.

First, let’s start with our new hires!

  • Kauê Cano @kaue will be joining us as a Smart Contract Engineer! Most recently, Kauê worked at Jigstack as a Blockchain Lead and led local and remote teams of smart contract and dApp developers involving multiple DeFi products of the Jigstack ecosystem. Prior to Jigstack, Kauê worked with or founded companies focusing on state-of-the-art on Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Blockchain, and DeFi.

  • Nazar Duchak will be joining us as a Smart Contract Engineer! Most recently, Nazar worked at ParaSwap as a Blockchain Developer and was involved with pricing aggregation, partner exchange integration, and designing and building ParaSwap’s infrastructure. Prior to ParaSwap, Nazar worked for IOV Labs (RSK and RIF Platforms), Aeternity, as well as a variety of organizations as a full stack developer.

  • Phil Elsasser @0xean will be joining us as an Advisor to the CES Core Unit! Phil is the Head of Technology at the new Fox Foundation supporting the efforts of the ShapeShift DAO. Previous to his role with the Fox Foundation, Phil was the CTO and lead solidity developer on ElasticDAO core, worked for Amazon in Measurement and Data Science, was a founder of a DeFi crypto startup called MARKET Protocol, and has led numerous technical teams in the web2 and web3 space. His early career was spent building trading algorithms and execution systems on proprietary trading desks in Chicago which cemented his fascination in capital markets and the DeFi ecosystem.

Please take a moment to welcome Kauê, Nazar, and Phil to the CES Core Unit and MakerDAO. I’m excited for them to bring their background, talents, and experiences to the team and the protocol!

Again, I want to thank all that have assisted CES in hiring our team: PE (Chris & Brian), Oracles (Mark-André), SES (Wouter), and Talent (Teodor). The CES Core Unit kicked off on Oct 4 and within six weeks, we’ve been able to identify, interview, and make offers for all key positions (one more is coming that I will announce shortly). That is quite an accomplishment given the talent environment, the newness of a DAO, and industry we work within.

CES Status

This week, Nikolaj and Henrique formally started with the CES Core Unit…and what a perfect week to start! Both were able to immediately jump in, while onboarding, and materially contribute to the WBTC-B, SocGen contract review/assessment, and MIP21 work. We also had our initial meeting with PE to discuss the initial transition of collateral work from PE to CES. Next week, Kauê will start on Nov 24 and Nazar will join us part time until Dec 20 as he winds down his ParaSwap work.

Prior to the team starting, my time was focused on getting the CES Core Unit up and running, from an operational perspective, aligning with key Core Unit stakeholders, and recruiting the team. This week, we started the transition into operating the Core Unit and working to deliver on our mandate:

Scale the Dai supply (1T) by enabling anyone to onboard collateral in a stable and cost effective manner.

So, what’s next?

CES Focus & Deliverables

In the past six weeks, I have learned a lot and am excited about the opportunity ahead of us. As we stay true to our crypto native roots, I believe the MakerDAO has a tremendous future by enhancing real world asset exposure to help us deliver on the CES mandate.

In the short time remaining before the end of the year, the CES Core Unit will focus on a variety of goals and deliverables:

  • Onboard new CES team members
  • Continue to identify and transition collateral activities from PE to CES
  • Collateral process and coordination of MakerDAO stakeholders
  • CES Strategic Planning

As always, please reach out to me if you have any questions or feedback on the above.


Hey everyone, nice meeting you all!

I’m super excited about joining the team and it’s an honor being officially part of Maker.

I’m a bit new to the forum (honestly more of a Discord guy myself) but I’ll try to follow along and keep the community updated here as well.

Let’s scale up DAI then…