📣 Collateral Calls - Calling all Projects!

Hello - I’m representing the TrustToken team and we’re currently in the process with TUSD, TCAD, TAUD, and TGBP.

For TUSD we’re just completing a smart contract upgrade and for the other three we’re in the process of being green-lit.

We’d appreciate your support!


Why are TrueCurrencies strong collateral for Maker?

Transparency: TUSD and the other TrueCurrencies are the only stablecoins with live attestations to corroborate tokens out in the market with dollars held in escrow. These attestations are facilitated by top accounting firm Armanino, LLP.

Reliability: Based on DeFi Score, TUSD on AAVE has the highest trust rating of any fiat-backed stablecoin currently listed on the platform.

Liquidity: TUSD is at over $280M in market cap at the time of writing, ranking as the 4th largest stablecoin after USDT, USDC, and DAI. It enjoys deep liquidity on both centralized and decentralized exchanges.

DeFi Adoption: TUSD has been listed on AAVE since 2019, currently ranks 3rd in market size among stablecoins on AAVE, and makes up 13.6% of AAVE’s total market size.

Largest AAVE markets at time of writing, sorted by Total Borrowed:


Access: TrueCurrencies are available through both 1st party and 3rd party fiat-to-crypto on-ramps, creating a new entry point for users that want to create CDPs. You can mint and redeem TrueCurrencies right here.

Hey There,

Arca Labs has interest in joining a call to present on ArCoin. We currently have a MIP6 collateral application out for review by the community.

If you haven’t had a chance to learn more about ArCoin please check out our collateral application or website. The Arca U.S. Treasury Fund is the first of its kind—a closed-end fund issuing shares as digital securities that are transferable using blockchain technology. The Arca U.S. Treasury Fund is registered with the SEC under the Investment Company Act of 1940.

As always, for details regarding the Fund and its risks please review our prospectus.

1inch is down to talk about liquidity pools on mooniswap. Check out the collateral apps :slight_smile: mooniswap liquidity pool eth-wbtc , mooniswap liquidity pool eth-usdc , mooniswap liquiditiy pool eth-usdt

Would be cool if we could 15 min this August 26


Hey everyone, I and the Gemini team would love to present GUSD per the MIP6 proposal. Please let us know when might be the next available time for us to present on a collateral call. Thank you.


Hello, MakerDAO community,
Happy to present AAVE asset and protocol during one of the upcoming calls, feel free to check our MIP6 proposal, Aave is a money market protocol on Ethereum Aave.com.


We work closely with the AAVE team and they’ve been great. @marczeller at some point would onboarding aTokens such as aTUSD be a possibility as well?


I would like to present CACHE Gold during the next available time slot for the Collateral Call. Please let me know when that would be and how to participate. Please see our collateral onboarding application here. Thanks!


I would like to propose yyCRV (also referred to as yUSD) as a collateral.

yyCRV is an interest bearing stable coin created by the yearn protocols. It is based on a basket of USD stable coins, but should constantly accrue interest. As such it adds the risk of the underlying assets and additional smart contract risk.

yyCRV is used in a number of ways:

yyCRV could be used as a long term collateral for Maker giving us an additional stable coin to better weather market drops or as a short term vault (Similar to USDC-B) to allow additional DAI Liquidity to generated by yearn eco system / yault strategies in times of general market drops.

Advantages for Maker:

  • Additional ~ stable coin collateral to allow DAI generation.
  • Potential short term collateral to allow yearn and others to better manage DAI supply shocks (On the assumption that yearn governance will employ strategies that help support Maker / DAI objectives)

Disadvantages for Maker

  • The underlying collateral has additional (smart contract etc) risks compared to other stable coins.
  • yyCRV is heavily involved in the yearn ecosystem and could be exploited by future yearn strategies.
  • Current market cap of yyCRV is low.

Hi, @overanalyser.

Would you like to present yUSD in one of the Collateral Onboarding Calls, or present the collateral to the community?

If the latter, we might want to move this post so it gets more exposure. @LongForWisdom probably can help. Let us know!

@juan Sorry, I didn’t see your reply. I think @freiza has already done it.


Would love to present updated API to on/off ramp from/to EUR IBANs and Visa/Mastercards with cheapest and fastest possible way through eurs.stasis.net


We’d love to present tBTC and Keep at the next onboarding call!

Here’s our original proposal — we’ll have an update out shortly with the details from the rc.1 launch.


Hi, this is the Crypto.com team and we have posted our MIP6 application to onboard the CRO token. We would be keen to join the call and present our project & token, thanks!


Following the proposal by a community member: [CRV] MIP6 Collateral Onboarding Application, our founder Michael would love to join the MakerDAO on an onboarding call.


Hey, I am from UPRETS, we would love to present our project:

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Hi, @UPRETS_Real_Estate.

Would you guys be up for a call on November 25th at 18h UTC?

Matthew Rabinowitz from 6S Capital is quite active on the forum. His handle is @mrabino1

Regarding New Silver, Kirill’s handle is (@prankstr25). Also Lucas (@spin ) or Lea (@_LS) from Centrifuge might be of help.

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Hey, Juanjuan,

We are based in Beijing and NYC, can we set up a call on November 25th at 9:00 Beijing time?



Hi Everyone,

WFIL Labs team would love to present WFIL (MIP6 Proposal).
Please let us know when might be the next available time slot for us to present on a collateral call.

Hi Everyone,

Kain Warwick, Founder of Synthetix would love to present SNX (MIP6) and sUSD (MIP6) on February 24th at 21h UTC as specified by @juan



Hey Guys, we would like to present mco2token.moss.earth, is it possible?

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