[📄] Collateral Onboarding Call #22: People's Company - Wednesday, January 6th 18:00 UTC

Join us on an epiphany while we kick-start the year with another call on the supply-side of Dai.

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Zoom Call
Passcode: RWA-WG


An open discussion where we discuss projects and potential assets for MCD, open for anyone to join.

If you’d like to present, check out this thread



by @juanjuan

RWA Working Group Comment

by @sebventures

  • Year Kick-off Summary
  • Next steps

Centrifuge - Quick Intro

by @_LS

People’s Company


See you there!

attn: @amyjung; @blimpa ; @williamr ; @spin ; @Deimos ; @Primoz ; @mrabino1


Collateral Call Summary - Episode #22

January 6th, 2021


  • 00:00: Intro with Juan Guillén
  • 00:01: Peoples Company with Mark Moore, Dave Muth, Steve Bruere and Bruce Sherrick
  • 52:37: Q&A and Discussion about Peoples Company
  • 01:00:46: Outro




Juan Guillén

Agenda and Preamble


  • Welcome to another MakerDAO collateral call. Today we are having a RWA collateral call. One of the projects that joined us very briefly last year is going to present again so we can go more in detail into the project, how it works and how the interaction with MakerDAO would work.
  • This company is Peoples Company (website).
  • Discussions about collateral happen in the Forum.

Peoples Company

Mark Moore, Dave Muth, Steve Bruere and Bruce Sherrick



09:11 — Juan Guillén: Going back to the previous slide, if Maker or anyone gives you 10M or 20M Dai, does that go to one of those activities that were listed or is it on this specific case?

17:59 — planet_x: Regarding subsidies and political risk, how large are U.S. subsidies? Could cut in subsidies impact the price of farmland?

21:53 — Prose: I was curious how it will work with the actual collateralizing process with Maker. Are these lands that individuls would go through Peoples’? Or are people looking to buy slices of a project already purchased?


Closing Comment

Juan Guillén




  • @blimpa produced this summary.
  • Everyone who spoke and presented on the call, listed in the headers.

@juan it would be great if you can add a “google calendar” link to all call.

Edit : ICS link, I guess.

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Hi, Alexis.

@amyjung is maintaining a Google Calendar (not sure if this duty can be shared in the future). I added to my own calendar and cannot remember how to do it (or get the link). I’ve screamed a couple times at the UI/UX to no avail.

I try to keep this table updated with the upcoming (and past) calls, although I understand that it’s less ideal.
I also pin the topic to the forum (first locally and globally on the same day).

Maybe there’s an easy way of converting one of these into an ics file. I’ll try to research something.

TL;DR: maintaining this over different channels is not ideal.

I don’t think you need a calendar. it is just a link to add.

You should be able to click right on your event and option then you should have something like publish event.

From google doc the second option is the one you want for your personal calendar and the first option is the one @amyjung probably want for her page :

Add a Google calendar to your website

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Embed a calendar on your website

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  2. In the top right, click Settings Settings|autox18 and then|autox18 Settings.
  3. On the left side of the screen, click the name of the calendar you want to embed.
  4. In the “Integrate calendar” section, copy the iframe code displayed.
  5. Under the embed code, click Customize.
  6. Choose your options, then copy the HTML code displayed.

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  1. On a computer, open Google Calendar. You can only make changes to your calendar visibility from a computer, not the mobile app.
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  3. Click More actions and then|autox18 Publish event
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  5. Open your website editor, then paste this code where you want the event button to display.

Hi all,

@juan you can add a link to the global calendar as seen on the G&R Meeting Posts. From the global calendar, anyone can click the bottom right hand “+ Google Calendar” and add it directly to their calendar (unfortunately only Google calendar). A more UX friendly one was a request and we’ve looked into a few already, but it’s been pretty low in our priority list.

Or you can add the Google Calendar directly using this link: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/u/0?cid=bWFrZXJkYW8uY29tXzNlZmhtMmdoaXBrc2VnbDAwOWt0bmlvbWRrQGdyb3VwLmNhbGVuZGFyLmdvb2dsZS5jb20

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Now grow food for the homeless and people that can’t afford it? What are the land management goals? We should work toward soil quality at the least.

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