Collateral Onboarding Call #27: Fortunafi - Wednesday, February 17 18:00 UTC

Collateral Onboarding Call #27: Fortunafi - Wednesday, February 17 18:00 UTC

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An open discussion where we discuss projects and potential assets for MCD, open for anyone to join.

If you’d like to present, check out this thread.


Intro by @JuanJuan

Fortunafi -

MIP6: [FFT1-DROP] MIP6 Application: Fortunafi DROP: Revenue Based Financing Assets

Fortunafi is a yield and lending protocol for tokenized real world, cash flowing assets. In traditional capital markets and securitizations, the process from asset creation to a final securitization bond product requires numerous counter-parties that capital market participants must pay to verify information regarding the assets that are being bought, sold, and financed every day. This results in a less efficient and more expensive process. Fortunafi is verticalizing the entire process by bringing significant efficiencies to Asset Originators and better yields to investors by eliminating the various rent seeking capital market participants. This type of yield has historically only been available to the largest institutional investors (Pension Funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Private Equity Funds, Hedge Funds, etc). Fortunafi is made possible by the technologies from Centrifuge, Maker, Balancer, and several other Decentralized Finance projects.”

Attn: @amyjung, @juanjuan, @sebventures, @_nick, @hinchliff, @will, @bcd, @joshua_pritikin, @planet_x, @longforwisdom, @jason, @ejbarraza


Thanks for coordinating this!

We look very forward to sharing more about Fortunafi and answering any questions.

Please see some additional relevant materials to review ahead of the call:

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Collateral Call Summary - Episode #27

February 17th, 2021


  • 00:00: Intro with Juan Guillén
  • 02:10: Fortunafi with Nick García and Derek
  • 00:00: Q&A and Discussion about Fortunafi



Juan Guillén

Agenda and Preamble



Nick García and Derek



10:22 — Tadeo: This is essentially a cashflow-based underwriting, right?

10:45 — Greg DiPrisco: How are you custodying these assets? How are you structured?

11:18 — Payton Rose: Worst-case scenario would be that a company you just vetted starts selling next to nothing. That would be the worst-case scenario given that you have the senior debt

12:07 — Juan Guillén: Nick, is CORL one of the companies you’re investing in or is it one of your partners that you use to invest in different projects?


Closing Comment

Juan Guillén




  • @blimpa produced this summary.
  • Everyone who spoke and presented on the call, listed in the headers.

Starting in 30 minutes!

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Thanks for the great Summary @blimpa! As discussed at the end of the call here are some relevant links:

Website - Fortunafi
Website - Corl
Twitter - Nick Garcia
Twitter - Fortunafi
Maker Community Greenlight Poll

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