Collateral Onboarding Call #34: Untangled - Friday, July 30 4PM UTC

Collateral Onboarding Call #34: Untangled - Friday, July 30 4PM UTC

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Zoom call
Passcode: RWA-WG


An open discussion where we discuss projects and potential assets for MCD, open for anyone to join.

If you’d like to present, check out this thread.


Intro by @JuanJuan
Presentation by @Manrui_Untangled

Untangled Finance DROP (U-DROP): Diversified Trade Finance Fund —

MIP6: MIP6 Application - Untangled Finance DROP (U-DROP): Diversified Trade Finance Fund

“Untangled is built by the team at Binkabi, a blockchain-based supply chain financing platform. Binkabi is a venture funded Fintech focusing on supply chain financing solutions in the food supply chain in emerging markets. The Binkabi platform is used internationally by banks, funds and commodity exchanges. Whilst Binkabi is focusing on digital lending technology i.e. asset origination, Untangled focuses on the ‘Distribute’ part of the ‘Originate-and-Distribute’ cycle.”

Attn: @Risk-Core-Unit, @GovAlpha-Core-Unit, @Protocol-Engineering, @Real-World-Finance, @elprogreso, @ejbarraza, @_LS, @planet_x, @g_dip, @PaperImperium


Collateral Call Summary - Episode #34

July 30th, 2021


  • 00:00: Intro with Juan Guillén
  • 00:55: Untangled with Manrui Tang
  • 20:07: Q&A and Discussion about Untangled
  • 01:08:55: Closing with Juan Guillén



Juan Guillén

Agenda and Preamble


  • Hi everyone! This is collateral onboarding call #34. My name is Juan. I am the facilitator from the SES CU. Today we are joined by the team of Untangled and a bunch of people from Maker community. They will be explaining what the project is about, their MIP6 application, anything related to that, and hopefully answer some questions.
  • Discussions about collateral happen in the Forum.


Presentation with Manrui Tang

Platform with Quan Le


Closing Comment

Juan Guillén



  • Please join the discussion at the forum. You will find the MIP6 application and you can reach the team to ask any further questions. Please vote and participate in the governance process! Any parting comments?
    • Munrai Tang: I look forward to working with you! We have been following Maker for four years now! It is amazing what you have been able to achieve and being fully decentralized as well. With your funding cost of zero, it is a very big opportunity to help our originators grow the real economy, and to take Dai out to the real world.
  • That is our superpower! Thanks to everyone for joining us.


  • Gala Guillén produced this summary.
  • Everyone who spoke and presented on the call, listed in the headers.

Thank you for putting this summary together.

Thanks everyone for your participation and excellent questioning. We look forward to further engagement with the community.


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