[📄] Collateral Onboarding Call #8: Centrifuge + 6s Capital - Wednesday, September 16 17:00 UTC

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Welcome to another collateral onboarding call, real-world assets edition, where we’ll discuss potential assets for MCD, open for anyone to join.


Zoom Call // Passcode: 314223


by @juanjuan

Working Group Presentation

by @SebVentures

Presentation 1: Centrifuge

@spin, from Centrifuge where will be discussing some of the latest developments, which include:

Presentation 2: 6s Capital

@mrabino1 also discussing real-world assets development, including:

Open discussion and Q&A form.

See you there!


Collateral Call Summary - Episode #08

September 16th, 2020


  • 00:00: Intro with Juan Guillén
  • 03:45: Centrifuge with Lucas Vogelsang
  • 22:10: Q&A and Discussion about Centrifuge
  • 27:45: 6s Capital with Matthew Rabinowitz
  • 44:40: Q&A and Discussion about 6s Capital




Juan Guillén

Agenda and Preamble


  • Today we have our special edition launching Real-World Assets. On the first half we will have Lucas presenting Centrifuge and on the second half Matthew Rabinowitz with 6s Capital. Personally, and I believe everyone else joining me here, we want to see progress in bringing RWA into the platform. We have a lot of information scattered, industry experts and a lot of people that have a say, so we are at a point where we need to organize and structure a working plan and move things forward. Sébastien Derivaux has posted a thread to make a working group that will hopefully make things move forward, people rally around it, maybe have regular calls and a clear action plan. Do you want to comment about it, Seb?
    • Sébastien Derivaux: Yes, I’m leading this group to find a way to get RWA on Maker as soon as possible and mainly to offer a third view. Now we have Centrifuge proposing one kind of collateral and 6s proposing something a bit different and I want to explore a third way to merge those assets to get RWA into Maker as soon as possible and in a better shape for all Maker.
  • Frank asked on the chat if this meeting will happen every Wednesday. Not yet, but ideally we would leave with some action points. That could be one of them and there’s this forum thread that Sébastien posted so ideally we would get people’s value around that and get something concrete going on.
    • Sébastien Derivaux: Yes, there is a Google Doc that will be expanded and everyone is free to comment on it.
    • Lucas Vogelsang: I would really support having RWA focus call every other week. I think that what Seb proposed here, using the working group as a vessel, it’s a good idea.
  • Discussions about collateral happen in the Forum.


Lucas Vogelsang




6s Capital

Matthew Rabinowitz




Closing Comment

Juan Guillén



  • As much as I would love to continue discussing about these topics, we are passed the hour, so we’ll call it a day for today and regroup in two weeks from now. Again, call to action, go to the forum on Seb’s post and sign up if you want to attend potential meetings and get documents.
  • Next week, we are going to have Marc Zeller and Stani from Aave discussing their token and then Tyler Winklevoss from Gemini discussing GUSD.
  • Thanks to Lucas, Matthew, Seb, and everyone else for participating.


  • Gala Guillén produced this summary.
  • Everyone who spoke and presented on the call, listed in the headers.
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Call in 30 minutes.