Collateral Onboarding Call: Bi-weekly on Wednesday at 17:00 UTC // 19:00 CET // 10am PST

A topic that always fell a bit short in the Maker Governance and Risk call was onboarding new collateral. By the very nature the GNR call was always more focused on shorter term or more immediate topics such as the state the peg and discussing risk parameters. At the same time there are now a few dozen new collateral applications. I have hosted a few calls in the past to discuss new collateral types (some of the ones we’ve been proposing as Centrifuge) but also just opening it up to whoever else was interested in engaging in a more interactive dialog with the community.

After a longer break (previous calls can be found here: Collateral Onboarding Call (MIPs #6-12): Discussion and Review of Collateral Onboarding Process) we want to re-introduce these calls and make them a bit more formal. To start out with, I’m offering to moderate these calls as a community member to create a place for these discussions to happen. I’m sure we’ll iterate over the exact format but for now here’s what it will look like.

Every two weeks on Wednesday at 17:00 UTC // 19:00 CET // 10am PST we’ll host a one hour zoom call open for anyone to join. The first one will be this Wednesday the 12th. We’ll post a forum thread with the invite, agenda and after the call the recording and a summary on the forum.

As for the format, we’re going to try to stick to the following for now, but open to feedback and iterations. We’ll try to have 2 projects/collateral types present on their collateral overall or a particular topic with a 10min presentation and then following that with 20min of discussion and Q&A. We’ll use this forum thread to coordinate setting the agenda and proposing members to present on the call.

If you would like to present in the call, please indicate so with a short proposal in the following thread: Collateral Calls - Calling all Projects!


First call time in local-timezone format: 2020-08-12T17:00:00Z

Who are the first two projects presenting?

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Great initiative. Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Is there a specific format for the presentation?

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The presentation should include a general overview of the project and the collateral you intend to onboard into MCD in order to give everyone on the call a brief introduction. The goal is to discuss specific issues related to the proposed collateral in more detail. So it’s probably a good idea to pick up questions that have been raised on the forum and address these or propose these for the Q&A part of the call.

We’re still looking for a project to come forward and take a slot. Kirill of New Silver will walk through their origination process and talk about real estate. Please feel free to propose anyone.

I’m not sure I have anyone specific in mind. @monet-supply, @Planet_X and @tbone have been proposing MIP6 applications recently. Maybe one of you guys can help us find someone that would like to present?

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I’ve just created a post for the first call following this new format along with the agenda and room for notes. I’m using the Collateral Discussion category for this even though a lot of the activity happens in the MIP section these days. @charlesstlouis wdyt?

Link here: [Agenda/Discussion] Collateral Onboarding Call #5 - Wednesday, August 12 17:00 UTC

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I just created #risk:collateral-meetings and moved the thread to that category. I think there is a benefit to having a separate category which just has a record of all the agendas and discussions.


Where is link for meeting?

Zoom Call // Passcode: 314223

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For anyone interested in presenting on the call, there’s now a thread by @juanjuan to signal interest: Collateral Calls - Calling all Projects!

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Agenda for the next call is here:

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